4/20 GREEN DOG Adoption Fair☆Report


Here is a report on the adoption fair at Green Dog on Sunday, April 20th.


The dogs Kenta, Ryoma, Kiku, Fizz, Sherbet, and the cat Plum attended the fair. Matey could not go because a stool test revealed he had a parasite. What bad luck – Matey, since you can’t come, you should reflect on how to improve your everyday behavior!


Ryoma is calm and friendly to both humans and dogs. He is nice to puppies, too. He had been confined in a small place for four years since he was a puppy, but it’s hard to believe he had such a sad upbringing, given his sociable nature. He is amiable and lively, and I can confidently recommend him to families with little kids, or those who will be owning a dog for the first time.

Old Kenta is as cuddly and friendly as a young dog or puppy, and he’s great at soliciting treats. Let me say one thing. He ate all the dog food in the car while heading for Green Dog, and he kept asking people at the adoption fair for t
reats, as if he had not been fed that day!


“Take it easy, Miss!”

Kiku-chan was born to a stray mother, and the mother’s lessons that humans are dangerous and it’s best to stay away from them still stick in her mind. However, it looks like she started to feel that humans might be more trustworthy than she used to think. At the adoption fair, Kiku-chan summoned her courage and crawled toward people. Wriggling her body with her hips up and tail and ears down, she even showed her belly while edging up to people for a cuddle. Although she was still a little afraid, she looked like she was having a good time.


“No, I can’t do this….”
Even though Plum was completely relaxed and gobbled down her food from day 1 at ARK, she was tense on adoption fair day. Joining an adoption fair gives the animals a big chance, but maybe it’s too stressful for cats.


Covering the cage with a cloth made her feel a little better.


Sherbet was able to do his business on a pet sheet. He made the most of the opportunity and demonstrated in front of everyone that he is potty trained.


Ryoma cut in front of people who were looking for potential dogs or cats in the profile file. “You don’t need to look at that. Take me!”


Fizz was tired of playing a lot, so he went over and leaned on Old Kenta for a nap. After playing and eating a lot of treats, he was happy and so was his belly!


Sherbet is also tired of playing a lot with people. Puppies with their “batteries run out” are so cute!


We couldn’t find any adopters that day, but there was a great turnout. Many people made donations and gave us food, and a lot of ARK goods were sold. There were also many people who were looking for potential dogs or cats. Some people brought their adopted pets to show us how happy they are now. There were also those who were interested in ARK in general and wondered what they could do to help us.

I reaffirmed that ARK’s activities are dependent on your help and support. With your goodwill, we will keep working to achieve our plan (not “dream!”) that one day, there will be no animals whose lives are made miserable because of humans’ selfishness, and that one day there will be no need for shelters like ARK!

We are so grateful for the help of all those who continue to support us!

☆☆☆Special Thanks☆☆☆
Our gratitude goes to those of you who sent warm messages, food, and rice to Mufasa. Until the day he finds an adopter, we will take best possible care of him, and try to reduce his stress and pay attention to his health.

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