Call me Moo!


Mufasa is an 8-year-old German Shepherd.
He came to ARK because his owner went bankrupt.

His weight at the time of his rescue was 46kg. However, in less than two months it has dropped to around 30 kg. The cause of his weight loss is not exactly clear, but we believe it has to do with stress. Moo (as we call him for short) is a sensitive and delicate boy, who is hypersensitive to his environment and so is always in a state of excitement. He is constantly exposed to the barking of the other dogs. If I could understand what the dogs were saying, I think it would be too painful for me to continue working at ARK. Some may be saying, “Who are you? Go away!”, “I’m so lonely”, or “Let me out!”. Others may be saying, “Please come here!”, “I sense danger.”, or “I’m scared.” Moo is probably listening to these cries from morning to night while he deals with the distress of being separated from his owner.


Moo is a very loyal boy and responds well to commands. The only thing he lacks is a leader he can rely on. Without a strong figure that he can trust, his anxiety builds up and takes a toll on his nerves and health.

We have been trying different things with his diet in the hope that Moo will retain some weight, but because the problem isn’t the lack of calories in his diet, he still hasn’t been able to put on weight.


Walking strong Moo was a two-person job in the beginning. He would become very excited whenever he saw another dog. However, he has settled into his routine now and doesn’t get as worked up, so even I can walk him by myself now (although it still requires concentration). It probably also has to do with him losing 15kg and not having as much energy as before.

Stress can also lead to other health issues. Moo is a large breed dog who is already 8 years old, and may not live a long life. It is incredibly sad for him to be living his golden years at ARK with all the anxiety he deals with. I want him to grow old with the warmth and comfort of a loving family.

Which is more important: the length of one’s life or the quality? What about the right of a dog to live out his or her life in comfort?


We are going to find you the perfect foster parents, Moo. Just wait a little longer at ARK. We can do it!

※A little request from Moo
We are currently feeding Moo a diet of INNOVA EVO and white rice. It is a brand of food we don’t get very often through donations, so the staff have been purchasing it out of their own money. If you have a bag sitting at home because your pup didn’t like it, or if anyone could contribute in any way, it would be greatly appreciated. We give white rice to other dogs that are having tummy troubles as well. We realize this is a lot to ask for, but we truly appreciate your understanding and your contributions.

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