Cats in K3

Today let me tell you about the cute cats in section K3!

K3 is the place where there used to be a temporary shelter which took in about 600 cats and dogs who survived the Great Hanshin Earthquake. It is where ARK began. K3 is a little distance away from the area where facilities such as the main office and clinic are.

I have not worked at K3 before, and know little about the cats and dogs there. But there are many wonderful cats and dogs, and I have long wanted introduce them to the blog readers. Some adopters come to ARK to meet a specific cat or dog after checking our website. Non-chan, who participated in the adoption event at Green Dog the other day, lives in K3.

Here are three cats the K3 staff recommends highly.


Long, white hair
3-4 years old, male
About 6 kg

Fuwafuwa is strong-minded cat with the typical temperament of long-haired cats. He does not hesitate to crawl into a bed already occupied by another cat, but he does not tolerate it when other cats trespass into his, and punches the intruder. This selfishness may be one of his charms, though.

Fuwafuwa loves toys, so if you invite him to play, he can’t refuse. He also eats as much as a dog would, and is not at all picky about foods. He has gotten used to being brushed, and looks like he’s been enjoying it lately. You may find him irresistible when his beautiful crystal-clear eyes meet yours!


Brown color
4-5 years old, female
About 4 kg

Micchan is very friendly and easy to be with. She likes lying on her back and gets dreamy when rubbed on her belly. She also loves toys, and plays like mad. Her most attractive feature is her big, round eyes.


Short white hair
4 years old, male
About 4.5 kg

Chobo is a little shy at first, but he is actually very cuddly and loves being stroked. He meows a lot and tries really hard to start a conversation with you. He is also inquisitive and purposely gets in your way. I bet he is saying “Stop cleaning, play with me!” He watches people faces carefully. Maybe he has many things he wants to say?

Readers of this blog, yes, you! Why don’t you adopt him and listen to his stories?

Micchan behind, and Chobo in front.

 All three are healthy!
 Well behaved during nail-clipping and ear-cleaning.
 Not picky about food, will eat anything!
 No pee accidents, no wall-scratching. Toilet trained.

They are all easy to take care of!


Fuwafuwa: Yeah, I know I will be first one to be picked up, because I have the fanciest looks!

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