Report on the Adoption Event at GREEN DOG (February 24)


This is a report about the adoption event held on Sunday, February 24 at GREEN DOG in Kobe. Many people braved the freezing snow to come and attend the event! (By the way, there was 20cm of snow at ARK in Nose.)


Totoro was a little nervous about being taken to a new place. At first he curled up and wouldn’t move but when people called his name he would meow. He eventually took an interest in what was going on around him, and so began to creep around and even if a dog came up to him he didn’t seem to care.


We got a little worried because the usually rambunctious Neita didn’t seem to be her usual self, but we were relieved when she gradually cheered up. Looks like she was just a bit sleepy! Kittens are just so sweet!

Neita is the sister of Tetta who was just rehomed. Like Tetta, she was in rough shape when we rescued her and she still has some chronic conjunctivitis and cloudy eyes, but they don’t seem to bother her at all. She’s full of life and loves to play! She makes friends easily with other cats, and at the adoption event she didn’t mind being approached by dogs so she’d do fine in a home with dogs as well.


“He’s bigger than he looks in the pictures!”. This is what many people said when they saw Non-chan. Hehehe! Non-chan is usually really hyper at ARK but on this day he was really calm and laid-back. (There are too many distractions at ARK so it’s not much of a relaxing environment there, I’m afraid...)


When Nana-chan was first rescued she was scared of many things but now she is more relaxed and enjoys her walks even with the volunteers. Today she was very attentive to the visitors and had a good time.


Non-chan and Nana-chan asking for treats!
We only know how they act at ARK so we were relieved to see these two taking an active part in this event. We’re sure they wouldn’t have a problem being rehomed.


Nana-chan, that’s a little too close...


Wreath loved being petted! People kept saying “He doesn’t look 10 years old!” and “He has such a fine coat of fur!”.


This was the first time the three of these dogs had met. (Actually, Wreath and Non-chan met once before at ARK.) They’re all friendly and well-behaved dogs.

“Hey, don’t smell me so much! Young dogs are such pests, aren’t they…”


Non-chan and Nana-chan have become good friends.
Looks like Nana-chan really liked Non-chan. She invited him to play many times.

“Hey, I found a great Italian café nearby. Why don’t we have some tea and then go home?”


Old man Wreath was doing his own thing.
Um, Wreath? You do know that’s a cat cage, right?

Unfortunately, none of the animals who participated today were adopted. But it’s possible that some people will take an interest in them and contact ARK a little later.
I’m not in charge of Non-chan and Nana-chan, so I was happy to be able to get to know them, and I will definitely recommend them to people who are looking to adopt.

To close, I’d like to extend a big thanks to GREEN DOG for allowing us to hold the event on their premises and for their continued support to ARK including donations of food. We’re always so grateful to you! The staff are all so friendly and cheerful, and they always make the customers feel at home. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, please stop by GREEN DOG with your dog!

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