Transformed from Peepee Man to Diaper Man!


I took Wreath home. He can get along with my dogs and has no particular problems. I think he has never lived inside a house before, but he quickly learned what is bad, like entering the kitchen or putting his legs on the table, etc. We just have to keep picked up the things which we don’t want him to fool around with. It’s good for us, too: a chance for us to make the room tidy♪

He had been restless for a couple of days since I took him home, and he followed us whenever we moved. But after he figured out our daily routine, he started becoming calm and never got excited. But it would be nice if he moved a little more.

“Excuse me, could you move over a little? I’m trying to clean up here…”


Once I started preparing his meal, he can never be calm.
“Hurry up, hurry up!! I am hungry!!!”

Wreath was in good shape at the time of his rescue, but he lost some weight after he started living at ARK. At ARK, he had been restless and barked all the time. One of the major problems that happens with animals at ARK is that they lose weight because of stress. Some dogs get too nervous due to noisy circumstances and cannot get used to it, then lose weight even if they eat a lot. Boss was the same. Wreath needs to eat and sleep well, get back to his normal weight, and settle down. That’s one of the goals for Wreath during this foster-stay.

He went to a vet this week and had a blood test, X-ray and echo. There was absolutely nothing wrong! Considering his age, 10 years old, it would not have been strange if something abnormal was found. What a relief.


Now we’ve got a new big problem: he lifts up his leg and goes peepee in the house.

It’s natural that dogs who never got toilet training, or who never lived inside, pee inside the house. We have had such kind of dogs before and have already gotten used to them having accidents. We recognized the problem and found ways to handle it. But it was tough for us to get a lot of pee on our furniture and audio system.


But that’s not a problem!
We’ve transformed Wreath from Peepee Man to Diaper Man!

If we threw you out of the house, there would be nowhere for you to go. It’s freezing cold at ARK now.

So, he is wearing a hand-made “manner belt”.

It’s actually a pet-sheet with packaging tape. But it still leaks through sometimes, so he also wears a diaper over that. And sometimes he wears nursing pants made for humans, with a hole for his tail. (This seems to work best.) Although if we could give him a real manner belt, that would look a bit better. Well, he doesn’t hate it, so...just please be patient, Wreath.


Even so, he doesn’t pee that often and basically he does it during his walks outside. The number of times he pees inside of the house is decreasing, so I think he may stop completely after he gets used to this kind of lifestyle. Of course it’s not easy for him to change a habit that he’s had for 10 years. We have to try different things and be patient. Let’s keep up the toilet training.

Though it would be great if someone wants to be your family before we finish!
We’ll have an adoption event at GREEN DOG tomorrow, so be ready for Wreath!

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