The “scaredy-cat” dog gets out into the world


Wombat was born to a half-stray mother in the mountains in what looked like the office of a building materials company. She was taken in by ARK, along with her 2 siblings, at about 2-3 months old.

Wom-chan (as we fondly call her) is a “scaredy-cat”. She is used to the people who take care of her all the time, but when she is faced with someone new, she becomes alarmed. More than two years has passed and Wom-chan still does not know the outside world; she only knows her birthplace and ARK. If this keeps up, it will be hard for her to be adopted so I decided that she should do a homestay at my house so she could experience the world.

Wom-chan’s siblings were also scaredy-cats but their adoptive families understood this and they are both enjoying a happy life now.


Wom-chan really likes to go for walks. You can see her in the picture above taking a walk with my “crazy trio”.

My house is situated in a residential area. There is a busy road nearby, as well as a school, kindergarten, supermarket, shops, and if you walk a little farther, a more rural area with a river. The bikes, children and seniors were all new to Wom-chan, whose world has been limited to ARK. But if she were to be adopted, these would be everyday things to her.
Wom-chan, ARK is a very special environment. Let’s get out and see the real world.


I thought that Wom-chan might panic during our walk but, just as she is at ARK, she only seemed slightly anxious. She seemed interested in things and never avoided going anywhere. She was a little scared but seemed to enjoy the walk.


She would shake a little going out onto the busy road but she didn’t panic when any large trucks passed by. She listened to what I said, and now she’s become used to passing by the same places everyday.


Wom-chan has made friends with many of the other dogs at ARK, and she got along well with my dogs too, even sleeping on the same mat or in the cage with them. I think she would fit in really well in a home that already has a dog. She tends to follow what other dogs do so going to a home that already has a dog might be best. But of course she would also enjoy being the only dog in a home.

Some timid dogs are sensitive to changes in their environment and will stop eating their food. But even on her first day at my house, Wom-chan ate all her food. We had some guests one day and she didn’t eat but her appetite soon returned.


Wom-chan is a small dog, and she is not aggressive at all. She would be easy to take care of. I thought she might be a little hard to take care of because she scares easily but after having her at my house, I realize that she does not get as scared as I had thought. She could live anywhere now.

If she had to go to the bathroom she would hold on until we went outside, but sometimes she would use the pet sheets, so she could even be an indoor dog. Also, she doesn’t get car sick. Wow, Wombat, you’re really doing good!
Wombat spent two weeks at my house and during that time she mainly stuck to her sleeping area. But Wombat, I know that during the night you were exploring the living room!

Wombat, I know that if you could have spent more time at my house you would have opened up and explored more. I wanted to let you experience more and stay with me until you found a nice family. But, unfortunately, I had to take you back to ARK. Why? I’ll tell you about it soon.


◆Tetta has found a home!

◆Udon was put to sleep. Please see the postscript under the entry Holding Udon-kun.

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