Tetta the Kitten


Hello, my name is Tetta.

My parents are stray cats. I was living in a park with some dogs and a nice old man was taking care of me. However, there were some development plans for the park and it seems that we were in the way. The nice old man said he had to move away to place where he couldn’t take us with him. Lots of dogs that the old man took care of were also taken in by ARK.


I got caught in a trap with my two sisters. I was so hungry and there was a good smell coming from inside the trap. We were stinky, dirty little kittens so people didn’t want to be near us. My eyes were swollen and stuck together with mucus. My nose was blocked with snot. I had a fever. In other words, I had a bad cold. But I couldn’t do anything about it because I was born to stray cats, so I didn’t have proper nutrition or hygiene. (Our mom did her best to take care of us under such conditions.)


Since coming to ARK, the girls in the clinic have become my new mothers. Because the girls are so nice, I’m always good when they give me my medicine or eye drops.

I don’t really remember being a stray cat because I was so young, but I do remember always feeling hungry and weak. Now I can eat lots every day so I feel great!


Oh, that’s the sound of the nice girls coming through the door.
Hey, you can do the cleaning later! Come play with me!


I’m tired of this small room.


One thing that worries the nice girls is my wandering eyes (they move rapidly, left to right).

They don’t really know why my eyes do that, but the vet said it might have been caused by the bad cold that I had. In the future I might have other problems occur because of my damaged nervous system.

Another vet said that I should have been put to sleep because nobody would want me. But the nice girls refused to allow that. Look at me now. I can see just fine, and I can move around normally. There are many other cats that lead good lives even without their sight. Even if something does happen to my health in the future, we might have to think of what to do, but I’m so happy the nice girls want to give me a chance at a wonderful life.

But will somebody really adopt me?

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