Char is waiting too.


I’d like to introduce you to Char.
Becky, the girl on the TV show “Shimura Zoo”, was involved in rescuing him and his brother, Harry. Harry has already been rehomed, but Char is still waiting to find a new home.

When Char first came to us, he was very wary and anxious. But he’s become really used to the people and the environment at ARK now.


When people used to approach him he was very timid, but gradually he began to bark happily and jump up at people. He soon understood not to bark so much and not to jump, but he resisted being hugged or showing his back for petting. Now he comes and snuggles up to us.

If we stop stroking him he stretches his legs out farther as if to say “stroke me more!”


He really likes to be brushed. He’s made a lot of progress because he is happy to be stroked and rubbed now. This is probably because we have been giving him a lot of baths, so he has gotten used to being touched.

Char has sensitive skin that gets easily irritated, and he gets what seems like rashes (eczema). We think that it may be because he used to live indoors but now he’s staying in our outdoor enclosures, or maybe because of all the excitement surrounding him at ARK. This can cause a dog a lot of stress. He has some Border Collie blood in him, so he gets easily excited, which could be causing this problem as well.


Just like humans, stress in dogs can cause health problems.
I think that once he is able to live indoors again with a loving family, the stress should go away and his skin condition should get better.

Although Char is very cute, when we show him to prospective families he barks through the fence and doesn’t give a very good first impression. He’s a very sensitive dog, so even when we’re just taking him for a walk, he acts a bit puzzled when put into a different situation like this.

Char can’t help that he feels uneasy when he’s always being put into different situations and asked to meet new people. He feels like that person has suddenly invaded his space. Not all dogs immediately put on a happy face and wag their tails upon meeting someone new. That’s what we need prospective families to understand. We also need them to understand that it will take time to build a bond with a dog. Changing environments is difficult even for people who can communicate with each other, so it is even harder for a dog who can’t communicate with humans.


You just have to be patient until Char opens up to you. Being able to wait is one part of love. If you can do so, he will definitely thank you and make you happy.

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