A Temporary Stay for Whiskas


Sometimes when there is no space at ARK, or when a badly socialized dog needs rehabilitation, I may keep a dog temporarily at my house. Right now I have Whiskas, a boy of less than one year old (roughly). When he first came to ARK, I thought he was a good, obedient boy, but lately I’ve been catching glimpses of his mischievous side; acting aggressively towards people, or playing too roughly with other dogs and getting into fights... If he continues to stay in an enclosure with other dogs his age, his personality might get worse, but it's not too late for me to teach him the rules, so he has come to my house for training.

My family is made up of a six-year-old female black lab, Michiru; a two-year-old female mixed breed, Koruri; and a roughly two or three-year-old male Weimeraner, Rega. Oops, I forgot an important family member - my husband! He’s the guy in charge of taking care of and training the dogs while I’m at ARK. Our dogs are all either from ARK or were abandoned. Thanks to my gang, many dogs have been socialized, or gotten over their fear, and have been able to go on to wonderful adoptive homes.
Whiskas, this group is going to cure you of your insolence. Prepare yourself!

The big black lump on the left is Koruri. When I first brought Whiskas home, he was so startled by Koruri's rough welcome that he cowered under the table, but after a day and a half, exactly 36 hours, he couldn't stand it any longer and started responding to Koruri's various invitations to play. I just watched.


Sorry for the slightly vulgar picture! This is Whiskas being docile even with Koruri straddling him.
Koruri communicates the superiority of her position to Whiskas through her attitude, even when playing. She shows this cheeky new guy his place by sitting on him, or putting her paw or chin on his shoulder. At first, Whiskas was a bit wary of it all, but after two days, he just accepted it passively. They say it takes a dog 48 hours to understand a new environment, and Whiskas was a textbook case.
I guess that's proof that he's a sweetie at heart. He’s certainly heading in the right direction.

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