An FIV-positive cat, Midori

Midori is an FIV-positive (feline immunodeficiency virus) cat. There is currently no cure available for FIV; however, many FIV-positive cats can live their entire lives without actually developing the disease. We have a lot of FIV-positive cats at ARK who live healthily, but in order to prevent the other cats from being infected, cats with FIV must live separately.

Midori is a "sponsor cat." At ARK, cats and dogs who are older, have injuries, require special care, have suffered from abuse, are distrustful of humans, and so on, may not be able to find an adopter, and so become “sponsor” animals.

Midori is paralyzed below the waist and needs help to go to the bathroom. And on top of that, she cannot live with normal cats due to FIV. Because it is extremely difficult for her to find an adopter, Midori became part of the sponsorship system.

Midori was abused and paralyzed when she was a stray cat. Her treatment took a long time after she was taken in to ARK. She was not able to excrete by herself, and probably because of tremendous stress, she bit and hurt her immobile legs. We even considered euthanizing her when we thought about her future laden with physical and emotional stress.

Looking back, treatment of Midori was a process of trial and error. The clinical staff in charge of Midori were always looking for the best means of treatment for her. The staff thought a lot and worked hard to find a way for Midori to lead a comfortable life. And they really adored Midori.

Midori is such an adorable and friendly cat. Despite the horrible experience she has had with people, she purrs in joy when she meets them and snuggles up beside them.

Now watching Midori living happily with other FIV-positive cats, I am so happy that we did not euthanize her and also did not give up with her treatment.

Midori is a sponsor cat, but that does not mean that she will never find an adopter. It is possible to adopt Midori. We always welcome any offers from you to become her sponsor, or even better, to become her adopter!

For more information about the sponsorship system, please look at the "How to Become a Sponsor" section on ARK's website.

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