Noah and His Cool Friends


Hello all, it’s me, Noah! Long time no see, huh? Today I’d like to introduce my roommates to you all! Even though my roommates aren’t sick, and are relatively young, for whatever reason they can’t get rehomed! We’ve been together for three wonderful years now, and I just can’t figure out what’s going on! Maybe it’s because our kennel is tucked away in the back and potential adopters can’t really see us. Hey, over heeeere!


This here is Ichiro, and here’s Jiro. They’ve been here at ARK since they were puppies. In the doghouse, they happily run up to people they meet for the first time, but when it comes time to take them for a walk, its impossible!


Before Jiro goes on his walks, he always hides at the back of the kennel. He lies down on his back and gives us a big pouty face. It’s as if he’s saying “Leave me alone, I really don’t want to go for a walk!” What’s more, during his walks, he suddenly refuses to walk! As I love walks, I simply cannot understand this behavior! All of the staff say that they won’t be able to rehome him if he keeps this attitude up, and they have tried many different ways to get him to walk. But wait a minute, Jiro, you’re acting this way on purpose, aren’t you? Just to get all the special treatment and attention from the staff! Cheeky...


Hey, here’s Ichiro! This guy loves people and wants them to love him back- we know this, but buddy, consider this! He actually really hates going outside and prefers staying in the dog kennel! From way back, ever since he came face-to-face with a group of hikers, he’s hated walking on this particular path, even if no one’s there. He just completely refuses to walk! He may have at one point been hit by sticks that resemble the hiking sticks those hikers had.

So that’s siblings Jiro and Ichiro. They’re really docile dogs, who warm up to people quickly. Around me they can be a bit gloomy, though -what the heck!

Oops, I’ve been talking too much- it’s time for a walk! I have three more friends I want to introduce you to, but I’ll do that later! Until next time!

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