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Although the heat in the daytime is still unbearable, it has started to get cool in the morning and evening, and there is a sure sign of autumn in the air. Around ARK, it’s the peak of rice-harvesting season, which makes the people here very busy. The photo shown is an image of the rice harvest. I hope the photo conveys the crisp, clean autumn air. The tree in the lower left is a chestnut. Can you see the green burrs?

Kiyo-san is the name of the man who adopted Ume-kun recently. He posted a comment on this blog regarding a very significant topic. I have put the comment on this page to share it with readers.

Kiyo-san, please send me nice photos of Goru, Yuba, and Ume who were all adopted from ARK. Ume-kun’s fans from all over Japan are anxious to see him!

---- A comment from Kiyo-san, adopter of Umenosuke -----
Hello, I am the owner of Umenosuke. I remember that Ume was rescued by ARK just as I was leaving my job with ARK. His eyes and gestures (the characteristics which captivate everyone!) left a big impression on me. Both the fact that I used to work at ARK, and that my former student worked at an animal hospital in Ouji, Nara which Ume used to go to before moving to ARK, made me feel a certain sense of destiny. So I decided to adopt Ume.

It has been eight years since I got my license as an animal nurse. Even though the occupation is starting to be acknowledged more widely, many people, especially those in provincial regions, believe it to be the job of someone who simply runs errands, or spends all day cleaning up after animals. A great deal of effort is being made to upgrade the animal nurse license to a national license, and I intend to do whatever I can to help achieve this. As an animal nurse, I want to provide assistance, protection, and sense of happiness to animals in a way that veterinarians cannot. Nurses shower love and comfort on animals behind the scenes. When you go to an animal hospital, please take note of the nurses who are working hard in the shadow of veterinarians. Please show your appreciation by simply saying "Thank you." With that, nurses will be more encouraged to provide the best nursing care for animals.

P.S. When I return to my apartment after work, Ume comes to greet me so excitedly. Is this the happiness that a dad feels?! =)

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