Chibi the Shiba (1)


To put it simply, I would have to say that Chibi is naughty and bossy, but full of life.

When he first came to ARK, we soon realized he was not as cute as he seemed; he was brimming with behavioral problems including aggressive barking, demand barking, leash pulling, loss of temper and nipping. We could only dream of re-homing him as he was. We knew we needed to give him a second chance through discipline and socialization training.

We took every opportunity to discipline him: during walks, cleaning times and meal times, and whenever we passed in front of the enclosure. In training a dog, you need to maintain a consistent attitude, and repeat things again and again until the dog learns.


Chibi would be extremely aggressive towards middle-aged men. We think it’s due to some trauma he went through before coming to ARK. But rather than trying to find out the cause of the trouble, it was more important to improve his current behavior.

When somebody we were sure he would bark at appeared, we gave him a treat (food). We wanted him to equate seeing something he didn’t like with getting food, and to turn the dislike into like. At first he didn’t pay any attention to the food, and he would let out his hostility by barking so much. But, little by little, we saw an improvement. Now, he’s calm when we go on walks and when he barks, he doesn’t bark in the same manner as he did in the past and is not aggressive.


I ask lots of different people to take him for walks and give him food. I’m observing how he acts with people as well as getting him used to many kinds of people. Once he becomes friendly and doesn’t bark at people, I hope he’ll find a good family and be loved by everyone.


When I give Chibi a treat, he doesn’t pay any attention to my hand or fingers, he just grabs the food. I fixed this problem using two methods. One way was to overreact a little, and yell out really loudly “Ouch!” whenever he bit me with his teeth, to show him that biting hurts. The other way was not to give him any food while he was biting my hand. I would push my hand far back into his mouth and open it up until his teeth weren’t touching my hand, and then I would put the food in his mouth.

(But, Chibi, your bites really hurt! It’s been a tough battle for me…)

Now he’s gotten much better. Sometimes when he gets excited or I give him food the wrong way, his teeth hit the mark, but if I put the food into the palm of my hand, he can take it nicely. I think that people have to think of different ways and compromises.

Chibi’s story has become so long. I’ll continue it another day.

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