What a smart girl Mag is.


I’d like to introduce you to a new cutie. Her name is Magdeline. We took in her and her puppies. In fact, she came to ARK with many other dogs, as well.

Mag is friendly and docile, but it seems that she doesn’t really like other dogs. When she sees another dog, she begins to bark and becomes aggressive. It would not be good to re-home her as she is.
So we began training her. We are using a method learned from Ms. Tsuda of the KENKENCLUB when she volunteered to come to ARK and teach us about training dogs.


We taught Magdeline about the “clicker”. Whether she’s in her kennel or out for a walk, if she sees another dog, we give her a treat. The clicker is a signal that she will receive food. If she doesn’t bark when she sees another dog, we praise her and give her a treat. Now, Mag doesn’t bark at all when she spots another dog. I don’t think a new family would have any difficulties with her now.


Mag does have one more bad habit. When we go for a walk she pulls hard on her leash. When she wants to go smell something, she pulls hard, not paying any attention to the person holding the leash. It was the same with Gorgie. To break her of this habit, when she pulled the leash, we stopped and let it go slack. After she turned around, with a look that said “Why aren’t we moving ahead?”, we would continue on. After doing this over and over again, she came to realize that pulling the leash would not allow her to move ahead, and that if the leash is not slack she cannot go for a walk. Mag learned this quickly!


Mag is very quick to learn, so she is learning more and more all the time. She’s always trying so hard and looking at me as if to say “Is this right?” or “Ah, this is how we do it, I see”. She can now walk on the left side and makes good eye contact with whoever is walking her. For Mag, who loves people, it seems she is just as happy to receive praise as to get treats!


“I’ll work harder if you give me treats rather than praise!” says Mag.

I hope a new family will soon come to adopt Mag!!

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