Buruta found a loving new home❤️

Buruta Buruta Buruta...

As many of you may be aware, this lovable pooch with his infamous underbite, arrived to Tokyo ARK
roughly a year ago.


Within such a short time, he gained fame for not only his unique appearance but his shy, yet affectionate
disposition. ARK staff, volunteers, supporters and his own foster family worked their hardest to socialize
this timid pooch and help bring him out of his shell.

When he was in the shelter…

We must admit, the adoption fairs were a bit of a struggle with Buruta, as he simply did not want to be
seen! He was thaaaaat shy.


"oops, you found my hiding spot...."

As you can see, poor Buruta was not a fan of people he didn't really know at first (although he did have a
little peek here and there...)

What was going on?! According to Buruta's foster family in Tokyo, he was a COMPLETELY different dog
when he was at home and surrounded by his foster family. Just take a look at the evidence below.

with one of the foster family's dogs!

It became clear, he was just incredibly shy. He needed time to become familiar with his surroundings, he
craved a lot of gentle encouragement, patience and most importantly love.

During the past year we held onto the hope that someone would see Buruta and fall in love with him. We
knew he had the potential to be a wonderful member of the family, but he just needed some time to come
round. However, days soon became weeks....weeks became months....a year passed and then suddenly....

"Buruta! You're going to your new home buddy!"

"wait, what did you just say home?"

Yes, Buruta! You've been adopted!!!

A volunteer who actually came to help out at one of our adoption fairs spotted Buruta and knew there was something special about him. Over time and several visits to see Buruta, the volunteer mentioned her
parents would be interested in adopting him! Her parents actually had two rescue dogs already, which was great news for Buruta. It would do him a lot of good to have a friend around and someone to keep him
company. They also have a nice garden for the dogs to run around in and burn some energy! Dogs are
generally happier with other pack members around after all!

However, sad news was delivered that one of the rescue dogs passed away after suffering from health
problems. After grieving and coming to terms with their loss, the parents then knew it was indeed fate that brought Buruta into their lives. Thus, it was made official Buruta was to be adopted by this lovely family!

However, the story doesn't quite end here....

"When do you think Buruta will be going to his new home?" We ask the volunteer.

"Well, the packing is going pretty well, so shouldn't be too long now."


That's right. As you read this, Buruta is currently packing his bags, getting his passport ready....oh, and
applying some sun-screen because he is moving to CALIFORNIA!

Who would have thought?? My goodness Buruta, all your hard work has most certainly paid off and we
could not be happier for you!

Thank you to Buruta's foster family, friends, volunteers and all the supporters out there who helped dear
Buruta all these months. Your kindness and encouragement has given Buruta all the courage he needed.

picture with figurine which his new family made for him! Be proud and show of those pearly whites!

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