A Sunday full of cats!

This week, our Sunday was all about rain.
Still, many potential adopters came to visit us from early in the morning.
Among the people who came, some of them had come to our adoption event “Full of Cats”. Thank you to everyone for spreading the word!

Today, we had 6 new ARK graduates!

Very cute, but also very reserved, Pluie never managed to get a lot of attention and grew up with us.
However, this time he got adopted by the same family who took Princess Amidala last month!
Pluie gets along really well with other cats, he should have no problem being a nice little brother♪
I haven’t bad breakfast yet...

Another family adopted Fujimaru, as well as Hachi with whom they fell in love during last week’s event.
“Oh, nice to meet you, I’m Hachi.” “I’m Fujimaru, how are you doing?”

At last week’s event, Kunak and Lina stuck together the entire day and tried hard to show how much they liked each other.
Today too, they were next to each other, sleeping in their cat house. While looking at them, we tried to find them a new family where they would be able to live together, and even though adopting two cats at once can be a tough decision, our dream came true♥
Kunak, Lina, that is some very good news for you two!

To continue, Cappe also left us for his new home, after being chosen during last week’s event.
From now on, every day will have some time spent on someone’s lap!

The family who had chosen to adopt Inaho last week decided to adopt one of our shier cats instead. Please, if somebody else is interested in living with Inaho, don’t hesitate to contact us♪
Luck is something you wait for while sleeping!

Finally, Java who took part in our event last week also found a new home on this Sunday♪
What? For real??

It has been a very busy Sunday, and for two weeks in a row, but this is the kind of happy-busy day I wish would happen every week!!
Our boys and girls are waiting for you at ARK, next week too, in two weeks as well, every week♪

There are many other animals waiting for a new home!

For people who might be interested in adopting some of our boys and girls:

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