Foster News “The Tabby Team Part 2: P.G. and Nadeshiko”

We introduced you to Chimney and Candle in our previous Foster News report.
In fact, there is another team of tabbies in Tokyo, P.G. and Nadeshiko.
The two of them have gotten used to their foster’s house and now the time to seriously look for a new family has come!

Let’s take a look at Team Tabby Part 2!



When they moved to my house in September, both of them came out of their cage very timidly.
P.G. fled under the bed, Nadeshiko ran to the kitchen and strangely decided to climb and hide on the kitchen stove, just to be caught again by the ARK staff.


P.G. was usually hiding under things, while Nadeshiko was escaping to higher grounds in order to safely look at the situation below
Thinking about it now, at that time they showed me their personality in a way that was very easy to understand.

That was five months ago.
The first couple of days were... strange...?
I was supposed to be living with two cats...
But when you looked around, it was totally quiet, and the only way to get a little relieved was to see that food bowls were getting empty.
Peek inside Nadeshiko’s hide-out and get hissed at...
Wondering whether he was still breathing, I put my hand on P.G. just to get him puzzled and not moving at all in alarm...
Their previous foster had told me that once they got used to you, they would both become very friendly... So I decided to wait patiently...


Being the first time for me to become a foster, I was extremely worried to see them so scared.
After about five days, they started to show themselves, and depending on their personalities, they tried different hide-outs and beddings, played with toys together and even started to eat from my hand...
Getting slowly closer day by day, it was as their previous foster had told me, and after a couple of weeks they turned into very affectionate cats.
Now my daily life is much more soothing thanks to these two sweethearts.

They also both have very different personalities...

“The slow P.G.”

Always doing things at his own pace, always hungry, but never angry.
P.G. usually loses against Nadeshiko, except when it’s food time.
He rarely jumps on people’s lap, but he will always round himself very close to you, as if waiting to be petted.
When people he does not know come by, he usually looks from far away at what Nadeshiko does before coming along.
He almost never shows his claws or attacks others, usually running away if he does not like something. He is also very patient when getting his claws cut!
Never starting a fight, he really is a soft and gentle boy.
He is often staring blankly when his toys are taken by Nadeshiko, and even though he is the older brother, he is usually getting jumped on when daydreaming on the cat tower or in the middle of toys...
With little things like that, he will give you a lot of love and you will never get tired of his company.
Some of his hobbies are gathering little items and pulling up grass, his special talent is losing his toys...

“The bright Nadeshiko”

Nadeshiko’s particular way of crying is a sign of her good moods.
She loves speaking, and as she remembers her name, it feels like you are having a real conversation.
She may be scared at first, but she really likes people and once she gets used to you, she will be all meow-meow purr-purr.
She is not capricious at all, and when you move toward a table, she will go purr either on your lap or squeeze herself between you and the backrest of the chair.
She can be really cute when she comes to steal the attention while you are minding your own things.
She is always careful to trim herself neatly, her biggest pride being her nicely polished claws! But when I cut her claws, she usually ignores me for a while.
She may be the youngest, but she behaves more like the older one, always very accommodating.
She loves bird-watching. She is also very good at stealing toothbrushes, and a master at tearing cardboard boxes apart... She is a cat of great skills...


They are a really cute pair!
They don’t care at all when they are on their own, but they will try to get your attention as much as possible when you are home. To be able to watch them sleep and get as much affection from them as possible, I’d recommend a house where there is somebody during the day as well♪


In Tokyo there are no shelters, but we can get a taste of their daily life in their foster’s house.
Many people have the wrong impression that mature cats are not friendly, but that is totally untrue!
Even cats like P.G. and Nadeshiko who tend to hide at first, only need some time to accommodate themselves to their new environment!

A very interesting Tabby Team.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested♪

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