Report : Adoption even ☆ Full of cats! February 22nd

On February 22nd, Japan’s Cat Day, we had our “Adoption Event: Full of cats” at our usual place, Kobe Green Dog.
Thanks to so many people sharing the news, we had quite a lot of phone calls before the event itself, and it turned out to be an even greater success than we could have imagined.

Cappe, one of the “winners” this time.
Even though he is a great boy, it has been tough to find him a new family, but just before his first birthday, he finally found the happiness we were all looking for. He will leave us next Sunday! ♪
“Soon, I will be part of this family!”

Not caring at all about the change of environment, the siblings Sazanka and Hiiragi spent all their time playing and also found a new home! They will leave us when their new house is ready to welcome them♪

Always bossy in the cat house, Robinson was cheering Tournesol who with Narla, is going to leave us for the same house. The two of them will move to their new family in Nose next Sunday, and they were the last ones to get adopted this time.♪
“Brother, the time to go our own way has come...”

Confused during his first trip out, the handsome Hachi was surprisingly very popular. It sounds like he might find a new home very soon♪
“Ah... Don’t worry about me...”

This is Shirasu. She was in the same spot the entire time, very nervous.
This is usual for cats as they don’t really like changes in their environment, but it made it difficult to get people’s attention. Let’s keep waiting for a new family at ARK♪
“What are you looking at?”

The friendly sisters Lina and Kunak had also difficulties to open and play, again having a tough time catching the eyes of enough people. It would be great to get them adopted by the same family♪

Inaho, managing to relax on strangers’ lap. We surprisingly couldn’t find anyone to adopt him this time, but it should not be too hard for such a popular boy to find a great new home♪

The dog team kind of played the supporting role this time.
Java: “Wanna play? I’m a bit bored...”。

Fumufumu: “Don’t pay attention to me, I’m fine”

Koimo: “A possible new home?”

Java and Fumufumu: “Well, we are only here as supporting roles anyway...”

In the end, out of our 11 cats, 6 found a new home!!
Moreover, many people said they would come to visit ARK on the next day.
We are hoping to hold more adoption events “full of cats”!! Please come and spend some time playing with them if you can!!

Thank you to everyone at GREEN DOG SQUARE for letting us use some of your space this time again!
Our next adoption event in Kobe will be on Sunday, March 29th. Come spend some time playing with our boys and girls!

There are many other boys and girls waiting for their new home!

Here you can find how the adoption process works :

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