Foster News: Chimney and Candle

Following our previous foster news from Osaka, this time we bring you news from our fosters in Tokyo! ♪

There is no ARK shelter in Tokyo. Animals who have been rescued are in the hands of “fosters”, and temporarily live with their family until they find their own adoptive parents.
Fosters are most essential to Tokyo ARK, being the only hope for many animals.

Chimney and Candle were originally rescued in Osaka.
The siblings were rehomed in Tokyo once, but as they could not get along well with the other cat living there, they had to come back to us. As they can have a hard time getting used to new environments, it is difficult for them to take part in our adoption events, and thus promoting them to potential new families is a problem.

Let’s take a look at how they have changed in the foster’s house, and introduce you to their charms!

◇The day we got them◇




June 18th, 2014.
Chimney and Candle made their way here in the ARK car.
That was already 8 months ago.

Having lost my two cats just before that time, Chimney and Candle brought me a lot of strength.
I hope they can find their own happiness very soon.

When we were first introduced...
They were little and hid behind the TV and under the table at first, but they soon came out to go on adventures around the house, and following their own curiosity, they kept playing around with toys.
Probably very tired, they spent their first night sleeping on their back.


They are now about one and half years old, they have grown bigger and their bellies are getting rounder, but they have kept their beautiful fur. (^.^)

Candle, with her very cute tail, is very active and has great jumping abilities.
She cries a lot, whether to play, beg for food, or even after she went to her litter box.
She is a very clever one, and sometimes may slightly bite you to play. She has a tough side as well, but if you call her name, she will purr, start kneading, and wait for you to pet her.
She can be a little temperamental, and usually does not like being petted for too long. (~_~;)
She also always sees me off all the way to the door when I leave the house.

Chimney is a very handsome boy, like an actor.
He can be shy, but still, since the first night here, he often comes next to me and cries to get petted.
If you pet him softly, he will close his eyes and start purring of pleasure.
He always comes to comfort me when I think of my cats who just passed away and cry... He is a very kind boy.
When he wants to be petted, he will lie on his side on the floor in his petting position.☆
He is very sweet and loves to be petted, but still quite shy, he does not like being held.

He also likes to play a lot.
If I praise Candle for jumping so high so many times, Chimney will accept the challenge and start jumping around like his sister. His face showing that he, too, can do it, is the cutest.

If Chimney gets petted, next Candle comes and cries to get petted as well.
Of course Chimney will come back next to me with his eyes closed to get more, but when I reach to pet him, this time it is Candle who takes the petting role and start grooming her brother.
It is a very funny sight!

They both have a lot of power, pushing things off shelves, messing with tissues and toilet paper, destroying boxes and paper bags, doing the usual mischiefs that cats do on a daily basis, and then one day you funnily realize that cleaning their mess also helps you clean the house.
I sometimes feel they make a mess to make me understand the house needs some good cleaning... (^_-)
The extremely messy room turns into a very clean room.
I get more positive and tend to forgive them anything when I look at them innocently sleeping.

Chimney and flowers


They have very different personalities, but get along really well.
I hope we can get them rehomed together.
You will have the privilege to see Candle jump when she wants some food.
You will realize how cute she can be when she starts jumping around after rubbing herself against the wall... (^。^)
You will be able to appreciate all of that with Chimney who loves watching Cat-TV.
He particularly likes series by Mitsuaki Iwago. (=^・^=)


Thank you for this message showing us all of their charms!
Their life together is really beautiful.♡

Of course you can adopt a single animal at ARK, but we often recommend to adopt pairs at the same time.
Even if the house is often empty, it will give them plenty of play time, and will help young ones get socialized by older cats.

To you two, learning and spending your days in your foster’s house.
It looks like you are getting ready to get in a new family! ♪
Thank you so much for sending us so many cute pictures!

If you are intersted in giving these talented two a new home...

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