Fosters News “Little Pea, Koimo”

Lacking a regular shelter in Tokyo, we usually rely on fosters to help us, and in Osaka we occasionally ask for their help with boys and girls who need special socializing, being scared or for many other reasons.
At the moment, the 7-month-old Koimo is learning in one of our foster’s home.


Her mother having spent most of her life wandering, Koimo has learnt to be cautious, and lacking any kind of aggressivity, she usually ran and hid in her kennel as soon as she saw someone walking around.
Let’s take a look at her after two months with her foster family.


In December of last year, Koimo entered the house, crouching, making herself as small as possible and shaking all around.
After two weeks, the only time when communication with Koimo was possible was when giving her food.
Even though she was picking food from people’s hand, every day was spent worrying, looking at her and hoping she would get used to her new surroundings, hoping she would open one day.
Physically close, but far at the same time, it slowly became possible to pet Koimo, she slowly understood how good it was to be petted, and started to progress on her way to socialization.


The biggest change happened during the New-Year holiday, when relatives came with their dog.
It was an older dog who did not try to play or anything, but maybe because of his presence, Koimo was able to relax among strangers, was nicely petted by everyone, and even though everybody was worried for her at first, she was able to spend a nice New-Year holiday with family and relatives.

Since then, she only comes inside the house to sleep.
She got used to her new environment and started to change more quickly. Maybe she recalled what she had been taught at ARK and started to sit down and wait before getting her food, and even showed pleasure and affection by licking faces when people came back home.
It feels really great to see such changes when we remember how she was two months ago.

At home, she gathers her toys in front of the window.

Sitting and patiently waiting when food time is getting closer.

She really loves going for walks.
But for the cowardly Koimo, even the entrance of the park was a tough challenge.
That too, is slowly getting overcome.

Like every puppy, the first thing she wants to do is run like crazy!

Being scared of everything, she needs to get used to walk with people, and so spends most of her days learning from them.

A very gallant young lady.


Such a cutie
It can take some time to get used to a new environment for boys and girls who get easily scared, but once it’s done, they get strongly attached to their family and will be extremely affectionate.
Still, even though she turned 7 months old, she still weighs less than 10 kilos, and being in the “little pea” size range, she would perfectly fit life in an apartment building with size restrictions. She is very docile and is even able to use pet-sheets as toilet if necessary.
Moreover, she really, really loves other dogs! ♪

Koimo is now taking part in our monthly foster family event at Kobe Green Dog.
Next time on the 22nd of February will be Koimo’s third time.
It will be one of Japan’s Cats Days, so please come visit Koimo with her two other canine and ten feline friends!
You can find all of the information here→ http://www.arkbark.net/?q=ja/node/5882

That’s the face she will be making while waiting for you

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