The gentleman Astro


Astro joined ARK in March 2009, almost 6 years ago. Probably abandoned, someone who had seen him walk around the streets heard he had been taken by the public health center. This someone went all the way to the health center to pick him up, and took him to ARK instead.
At that time, Astro was still very small and very friendly with people, and we thought he would be adopted quickly.
Astro at his arrival at ARK. He was very thin and still had his puppy face.

He loves people, but can still be a little scared, and he is so happy when people step in his kennel that he will jump, softly play-bite, pull (and sometimes tear...) your clothes... Such a daily life-style turned him into a beautiful and muscular middle-aged dog.

Astro is a “good guy”.
Even after many introductions to new parents, he still remains without a new home.
Is it because of his horse face? Is it because of his fox eyes??

A walk-lover, he always cries in a surprisingly cute voice when he sees the volunteers getting ready to walk dogs around, and patiently waits for his turn.
And of course, when his turn comes he is so happy that he pulls like crazy, but will pay serious attention to you and walk more nicely if there are some treats.

He is also a very talented entertainer.
Of course he will sit, lie down, give you his paw and wait for you, but also turn around in circles.

His special technique, the “Chin”

He is a very good partner, and will perform for you as long as there are treats waiting.
Have fun watching this video of Astro performing for you.

※Please don’t pay attention to the middle-aged human talking in the middle of the performance...

Astro has been in charge of young puppies countless times before, and it would be nice if he was able to have a good time with his current Shiba Inu roommate Mizuki... but in fact, Mizuki is a very capricious young lady. Our gentleman Astro will never complain when Mizuki keeps the toys all for herself.
They use the same bed, but still keep their distance.

We understand he is always restraining himself for her, but when we see him able to use all of the bed for himself alone, it makes us wish he could do the same in his own new home as early as possible.

He may not be the most handsome, but he is very gentle and a very “nice guy”.
The heart matters more than the looks when you are looking for a partner for life.
Maybe you could start with his “Chin”?

Bonus Video!!
This will help you understand what we mean by “capricious” Mizuki and “gentleman” Astro. :)


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