Another side of ... (Part2) "The Handsome Wen"

The impact after Colone’s part one was …minimal…
It would have been nice to hear from potential families, but I guess it is already a great thing if people get to see these boys’ and girls’ great personalities.

Without transition, let’s introduce you to our handsome Wenceslas!
“That’s me!”

Wen is one of the members of the “34 mountain dog team” we have talked about numerous times before.
A year and a half later, out of the 34 dogs, 15 have found a new home, but 19 are still left with us.
When we think about the time when they just got here, we can see how hard they have fought to get used to people, and feel really thankful for all the families who have taken some of them home.

Ancus.jpg Birendra.jpg Canute.jpg
These are pictures of the first three who found new homes, Ancus Marcius, Birendra and Canute. It helped us believe that all of them would get used to people again, when we saw these photos after their rehoming.

When we ask their new parents, they all say “We were a little worried at first, but what can you do when you see such cuteness?!”
They are shy and easily scared, but become extremely affectionate once they got used to their caretaker. Seeing such a change on a daily basis is also a very lovely thing to witness.

Pish.jpeg Aja.jpg Pooka.jpg
Pish Tush when he was still a puppy, and the most flexible ladies we had,Aja and Pooka. Pish Tush was temporarily adopted, but then stayed there forever. Nice strategy there Pish!

The ones who got used to people more quickly all went to their new home first, but Wen was probably one of the shiest in the lot.
He got into fights with other dogs in the shared space immediately, and had to go to the vet several times for injuries to his ears… That would scare anyone for sure…
Every time someone walked near his kernel, he would just hide in the narrow spaces, looking like such a pitiful thing.
Even in these situations, these dogs will never bite, and that is probably their biggest strength.


Wen started opening little by little, and the once scared dog is now dashing through the walking course around ARK.
When getting back in his private space, he will always look at you with a grin, showing how hard he has worked in the past, and that again is one of his charms.


Wen might be shy, but he really loves people, and when you get back to his kennel and give him some treats, he will always show you his favorite tricks. He might even give you both of his paws if he is at his best! That is probably his cutest pose, and that’s why we decided to make a short clip about it.
This is Wen, who sometimes pays too much attention to the camera and his audience.
(This video is four and a half minutes long, we first thought of cutting it, but as the relation between these two is so intimate, we decided to upload it in its integrity. Please watch it till the end when you have the time!)


When you forget his shy side, Wen is really easy to take care of.
He will work harder and harder toward socialization and getting rehomed!
Please come see Wen and relax a bit while playing with him!

Lots of cuties are waiting for new home!

Adoption process :

Rehomed buddies of OYM34(34 mountain dog team)
Tamora.jpg Franz.jpg Leonidas.jpg
Tamora, Franz and Leonidas with three legs

Zainab.jpg Merci.jpg AnuIku.jpg
Zainab, Mercilla, Anushka and Ixion.

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