Another side of ... (Part1) “The shy guy, Colone”

We have about 300 cats and dogs living with us at ARK at the moment.
When potential new families come to visit us, of course your and friendly kids steal the show.
The shy ones have difficulties finding their new home, and slowly get older living at ARK.

Our “young and friendly idol”, Chaoz, having lot of fun in the snow during the New-Year holidays!
He still has not found his new home and just moved to Tokyo. Please come see him at our adoption events! (Chaoz has now found a new family in Tokyo, thank you for all your support)

Our staff and regular staff know these shy boys and girls really well, and will show you their best side.
Rather than saying that they would have no problem getting used to a new house, we thought that showing short videos would speak to people’s heart more, and as a result we decided to start this “Another side of” series.

For this special first edition, let’s introduce you to Colone. When he came to ARK five and a half years ago with his mother and siblings, he was that small!
His mother Pan and his siblings Melon and Danish found new homes to live in, but now Colone and his sister Roll are still with us.
As some of you may have noticed, all the family was named after types of bread.

Even though he is very beautiful and his profile page said that he loves playing with toys, every time potential families and volunteers come, shy Colone cannot find the courage to show his charms...
Our staff doesn’t have enough time to stay close to him all day, but here is a little example of Colone when he is having fun!

Please also look at our veteran Munch (13y.o.) who can’t resist playing with toys, and the very shy Chira staring from the other room!

Please don’t think that it is “just a random tabby cat playing”.
The usual Colone hides under tables and blankets and looks at you with eyes telling you to stay away.
Any cat can be cute if you take care of them, but you feel even more loves when they show you this other side of them after a long time of effort and confusion.
Aaaaah, how I wish everyone could experience this joy!

Why don’t you pick a toy and become friends with Colone?

His sister Roll is also waiting for you!

ARK Calendar 2015 still available!

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