How many kittens in this room?

Now we have a “kittens are everywhere” situation at ARK.
We don’t have many potential adopters in summer, and I think I’ve been feeling that every year.
As was expected, I wrote this last year too, and the situation is the same every year indeed.
Kittens’ sweetest moments will not last long…
Fortunately, kittens don’t care about such things and are happy. That is wonderful.
However, we need to look for “the one” for each of them as well as for the animals on our waiting list to join ARK.

Let’s see one of the cats’ rooms at ARK; how many kittens do you think are in this room?

The answer is…

Kittens 1, 2, 3 and 5 are siblings and 6 joined ARK with them. Kittens 4 and 8 are sisters.

All of these kittens had problems such as bad colds or being too shy to other cats or people. However, now they are totally friendly and enjoy every day of their lives like many other kittens we’ve had at ARK.

They are kitten 3, Cappe, and 4, Urume.
Cappe is a “big brother” type of kitten and was the friendliest kitten among the 5 siblings. His little mustache is funny, in a good way, and he always is a “good buddy”.
Urume’s been taken care of by people since the time she needed to be nursed, so she knows well how to ask for people’s affection. She loves people so much that she would stay long on your lap once she got on it.
As you can see, she won’t move even if other kittens come and step on her.

Now, kittens 5, Llini, and 4, Urume.
They are both black cats but look different.
Llini is such a beautiful cat with a silky coat, a fluffy tail, and a slender body. We had no idea how beautiful he would be when he came to ARK.
“Hi lady, how about hanging out with me?” He may touch you and invite you to play with him casually. Who can resist such charm offered by a young and good looking guy like him?

Then kittens 1, Peska, with a spot on the left side of her nose, and Tore, with a spot on the right side of her nose.
Their characters are opposite; the one with a spot on the right is cautious while the other with a spot on the left is straight forward.
How about adopting sisters with opposite characters?

And kitten 2, Tore, with a spot on the right side of her nose, and 7, Narla, without any spot.
Narla had a cold when she came to ARK so we worried she would have some aftereffects. Luckily, she recovered entirely and now is such a beautiful kitten, maybe because of her hearty appetite.
Let me tell you her secret; she has a pooch belly thanks to her appetite.

The next kitten is 6, Carbo, who is a friendly kitten with a beautiful coat. But he doesn’t distinguish himself clearly. Why?
He is a creamy-orange tabby thus beautiful. He is friendly to anyone. In short, he is a perfect kitten! Please don’t hesitate and welcome him as a new member of your family!

The last one is 8, Shirasu. She is just beautiful.
Her coat is like a white shirt from which all the stains were successfully removed on the right side, but some stains remained on the left.
“Do I have stains…?”
She is a sweet heart being good at attracting people. She definitely thinks humans are creatures that cuddle cats.

It is nice to get close to each other and stick to cats in an air-conditioned room in summer.
Please come to visit Nose during the summer vacation to adopt a kitten or two!

Please look at the page below about the procedure to adopt an animal:

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