Mother of white puppies, Kara, Part III.

When did I feel some nice cool air for the last time? Has the summer already started without any rainy season?
I heard news about some torrential rain. Is everything ok with you?

Oops, again and again, I forget to introduce myself early – I’m Kara. How have you been?
I visited the city area yesterday, so I felt it was much hotter than it is in Nose.
Why the city area? Because, I joined an adoption event that some of my daughters have joined before.
I was totally ok in the car on my way back to ARK although on the way to the venue, I was a bit nervous because it’d been a while since I had taken a drive for the last time.
Now, please let me tell you how the event went about.

This is Frantz, one of the 34 dogs from the mountain.
It was my first time meeting one of these dogs. He was cute, and I was happy about it.

He usually barks when we pass by his kennel. However, he was calm and enjoyed being petted all day yesterday. We never knew he loved to be petted. He is such a sweet boy.
A young girl kept petting him and did things like this, but he never got upset.
He seemed to be nervous when he walked outside, but I think he will be a sweet family dog.
CIMG84682.jpg CIMG85032.jpg

Yesterday, Pooka, one of Frantz’s relatives, visited the venue. Two months have passed since she was adopted. She seemed to be more confident than she was in Nose. I was moved by the change that had occurred. Love from her family must be just great…
I think Pooka enjoyed meeting dogs from Nose again. She kissed everyone!
I hope the other members can meet their own family one day.

This smiling boy is Monja.
He is full of juvenescence and it took him a while to settle…

He got excited alone, he got exhausted alone, and finally, he just slept so deeply that no one could wake him up.
He is physically big, but actually not mentally. I can understand that because he was raised by an old couple so he didn’t have many chances to experience new things.
CIMG8505.jpg CIMG8508.jpg

But, look, the smiling boy sleeps with a smile on his face. As the proverb goes, “Laugh and grow”.
He will definitely bring a lot of smiles and laughter if you adopt him!

And there was a dog loving calmness: Kisaburo.
He was annoyed by Monja’s excitement and energy and stood against the wall like this.

He is 14 years old and so adorable that everyone in the ARK staff loves him.
More than that, some “fans” visited him all the way to Kobe.

He spent the day sleeping in people’s arms.
Unfortunately, no one asked him as a new member of their family that day, but let’s hope that we gets his chance next time!

Two kittens also joined the event: Wabisuke and Tomuro. They are siblings.
They were tiny and adorable!
They were so adorable that I couldn’t stop myself saying “hi” to Wabisuke.
He punched me but was still adorable…

People say that cats are normally scared in a new environment.
That may be a different story when it comes to kittens.
They didn’t care where they were at all. They played with each other, and slept together.
Unfortunately, again, no one asked them yesterday but I guess they liked these kittens, but hesitated because they were still very young. You don’t have to hesitate. Please come and talk to our staff!

So, I quite enjoyed my first adoption event yesterday.
I was happy staying in a different place from Nose. I had some bites of Monja’s food and had the opportunity to greet Koyume-chan. Koyume-chan was adopted from ARK by one of the GREENDOG staff.
CIMG8465.jpg CIMG8388.jpg

By the way, the ARK staff was surprised when I quite nicely walked outside, where it was totally a new place for me.
I don’t understand why they were surprised. I went through a lot of stuff in the past!
Of course, I didn’t have any accident inside.
Some people said that I might leave ARK in the near future.
Did anyone asked me to come with them?
As the proverb goes, “Sleep and wait for good luck”.

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