This year’s “kittens are everywhere at ARK☆” is…

As it has happened in the past years, we are already in a “kittens are everywhere at ARK☆” situation this year again.

The first kittens, with various patterns and colors born of a feral cat, were named after varieties of camellia.
They looked like this on Apr. 15th when they joined ARK.
(Their mother was totally a feral cat in her nature so she was Trapped, Neutered, and Released (TNR)).

After 2 months, they have become bigger and are expressing their own individualities now.
Wabisuke (left) is the only boy. He is so slow (in an adorable way, of course) that you definitely will be full of the strong desire to take care of him.
Meanwhile, Tomuro (right) was the only kitten which was wary of people first. However, she then turned into a friendly kitten. She is such a beautiful kitten, isn’t she?

This furry tricolor kitten is Achi (right), the most beautiful kitten among her siblings. She is a tricolor cat, which means that she is curious and loves to play with toys.
The orange tabby on the left is Wabisuke.

Shisen (left), another tricolor girl, loves toys, too! She always focuses 100 % on a toy to get it.
The orange tabby on the right is Wabisuke, again.

This is Madoi. She must think that she is the youngest thus the sweetest one among her siblings. You’ll soon find out that she always behaves at her own pace like this; she was the only kitten looking away while the others were crazy about a toy!

Anyway, they look super-cute whatever they do and whenever it is.
Now they are 2.5 to 3 months old. They will be spayed or neutered very soon and become available for potential adopters.
Of course, you can come to see them now and take them home after surgery.
Please come and see the one for you!

*The following was added on Jun. 18th:*
Now they all are vaccinated, spayed/ neutered, and micro-chipped. In other words, they are ready to go home now!
Please go through the following URL before coming to ARK.

Practical, a sweet kitten, begs for sheets of newspaper for our animals at ARK (sorry, Japanese only)☆

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