Mother of white puppies, Kara, Part II.

The rainy season has finally started…
I heard it is heavily raining in the Kanto area. Is everything ok with you?
In Nose, there was a huge number of black butterflies recently, maybe because it was really hot as if it was the middle of summer.
I’m quite relieved when the heat is tempered a bit by the rain.

Oops, again, I didn’t introduce myself – I’m Kara. It’s been a while since I wrote the last entry of this blog.
Two months have already passed since then.
Many things have happened during these months.

First of all, one of my roommates, Yukimi, found her own home.
It wasn’t a surprise at all to me because she was really a good girl.
At ARK, I felt pity for her since the condition of her skin was bad, and she felt itchy all around. Spending time at her new home, her skin condition is getting much better. The power of love can do such a great thing!
She enjoys staying at home like this; now she doesn’t have the collar anymore.

The next thing was about Hanna, a basset hound who shared the kennel with us for a short time. She was adopted right after she joined ARK.
She actually had a tumor which might not be a good one, but she didn’t care and stayed happy. That’s why she met a bright family and was liked and adopted by them.
You may think the way she sleeps is weird, though I am really happy for her as she seems to be happy.

The biggest news is that one of my daughters, Hara, finally got her own home!
I was totally relieved to hear that.
There is one more thing about her; she was adopted together with a handsome boy, Shiitake
Both of them cannot enjoy life when they are alone (without any dog company) with people, but they are happy being with people when they are together. That’s their story, being members of a big family.
They say now the two dogs enjoy walking on the beach every day like this.
Hara was named anew; she is Ribbon now. What a perfect name for her♪
I wish you a happy life, Ribbon, my sweetheart. That’s the biggest wish from your mother to you.

I had a lot on my mind about her and now she’s with her forever-family; it would be my turn to find my own now.
Whether they realized it or not, 2 families visited me recently.
Unfortunately, they didn’t pick me in the end, though I am hoping that I will find my own family.

“You are talking too much about yourself”

Oops, sorry, Ox.
These are Ox and Josie, my current roommates.

Ox was found chained to a utility pole one day, because his former owner came to the point where that was the only choice they had for some random reason.
He is happy with both people and dogs. I don’t know if I should say this but he is indeed a great dog. He is still waiting for a new home, just because he is big and a senior.
I wish him to find a wonderful home before the hot summer comes.

Josie is adorable; she loves to cuddle and is attached to me very much.
One thing about her is that she pampers herself a bit.
She kept barking when Ox joined us for the first time, maybe because she was scared of the first male dog she encountered in the kennel. However, she invited him to play after a while.
She must be a type of dog who wants to be a cute little girl forever.
I also wish her a loving home.

It’s now the rainy season but it doesn’t rain every day so please come see us.
I’m looking forward to seeing you.

Practical, a sweet kitten, begs for sheets of newspaper for our animals at ARK (sorry, Japanese only)☆

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