So grown-up!

You may remember the 6 shy kittens (brothers and sisters) which we introduced you last July.
Now all of them except Wilson, which found his own home as you can see in a comment if the entry (thank you very much, Hana-san!), are still at ARK.

It is little bit difficult for shy animals to be adopted while animals which “come to everyone immediately asking for affection” are good at showing their attractiveness to people and are thus easily adopted.
So, these 6 kittens will reach their first birthday this Saturday. Wow, we need to celebrate them being at ARK for a full year… just kidding.
We need to tell you how wonderful they are so that they will be adopted as soon as possible.
Let’s take a look at each one of them and see how they have grown into gorgeous cats.

Dunbar, with a distinctive spot beside his nose, now lives with Oshibe and Meshibe, which are brother and sister, Yukata, one of Siamese-mix kittens, and Churasan, a lady with one eye.
All of Dunbar’s roommates are the complete opposite of shy so they may give him a good influence.

Thank you very much for gathering!
Where’s Dunbar?


“There is nothing better than a kotatsu in winter.”

If we describe these cats in a word then “active” is the one for the others while “still” is the one for Dunbar.
Since we try to save electricity, he grew well-rounded this winter.
I know cat lovers can’t resist such a “leave-me-alone” attitude.
He acts like this but please watch carefully if you have a cat toy. He will poke his head out of the kotatsu!

Pete, a brown-and-white cat, now lives with Happi, Branco, and Uminchu, who is going to go to his own home soon.
He’s as cute as always☆

He is a careful type of cat who starts playing with toys after thinking about it for a while. The opposite is Uminchu, who instantly jumps at toys and even climbs on the person who holds it in order to get it. (That’s why Uminchu was asked to stay in a cage during the photo shooting).
Pete will show reluctance for a second if you hold him though he will gradually relax and get comfortable if you keep petting him.
He may be the type of cat which asks for affection only from his own family.

Taking this opportunity, let us introduce a beauty, Happi, too.

The other 4 cats are now with an incredibly-friendly cat, Blacky.
From left: Emery, Action Chugger, and Harrison.

The Face Recognition System of our camera activates when we point a camera at Action Chugger. His “front hair” may explain it…
He will not come immediately to you but actually loves people. He may quietly purrs or show his belly on the floor. Anyway, he is one of the cutest slow-tempo cats at ARK.
Please come to see him and point your camera at him!

Harrison always loves toys. He is also a cat full of attractiveness, with a batman-like pattern on his face and a pair of white socks irregular in length.
He is looking forward to finding his own family who will play with him a lot!

Emery, a very friendly girl, still waits for her own home. She could have been adopted soon after she joined ARK because of her friendliness, so I guess she may keep in steps with her siblings.
“Hi, welcome to my castle!”

“You can pet me as much as you want!”

Meanwhile, Frostini, the most timid cat was…
… praying that I wouldn’t notice him at the top of a cat tower.
You know that won’t happen, sweetie.

The best gift for them for their first birthday will definitely to get a home of their own.
You may be the one who will offer them that greatest gift of all!

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