Don’t you like calicos?

One quick question; don’t you like calico (tricolor) cats?

I’m sorry but I can’t help myself asking that question because it seems way too difficult for calico cats to find their own new home…
I guess they were once popular. The word “calico” sounded like a Japanese traditional type of cats, with beautiful tricolor patterns.
However recently, people often say “Calicos? Oh, they must be strong-minded” when we introduce calico cats to potential adopters.

Yes, it is somewhat understandable that people say such a thing.
They are wise, thus can be sensitive. That may be the reason why they are often considered to be “strong-minded”.
But please imagine having a beautiful and really wise cat like them with you; doesn’t it seem nice?
So, today, I would like to introduce you to some of the calico cats at ARK!

We have rooms called “Numbers” from No. 1 through 5.
In No.1, there are “Basher Tarr and 3 calicos”.
Basher Tarr is a truly manly man. He is nice to ladies but a little bit harsh to guys…
That’s why he is with 3 ladies which are all calicos.
Come to think of it, 3 calicos living together peacefully may be somewhat rare… (Oh, did it sound like calicos indeed are strong-minded? I didn’t mean it that way.)

This is Hibari, rescued in front of a station when she was about 2-month old.
She was named after the station.
She was already calm when she was kitten. She loves people but doesn’t come after people for affection all the time. That may be the reason why such a nice cat like her still waits for her own family. She simply has been failing to appeal enough to visitors.
She’s very pretty and besides that, she is not strong-minded. Rather, she is very calm like her softly-colored coat.
I hope that she’ll find her own home this year, during which she will turn 2!

This is Rain, which often sleeps with Hibari in a box.
She is as young as Hibari and seems to get along with her very well.
Rain came to ARK on a rainy day. She’s been shy and easily scared since she came here. However, she’s never attacked anyone.
She can easily be scared, but will get happy if you show her a toy.
CIMG5960.jpg CIMG5898.jpg
CIMG5961.jpg CIMG5955.jpg
She sticks her head out of a box like a moray. Isn’t she cute?

Lastly, this is Chugger, mother of the “So grown-up” kittens.
Can you believe that she has experienced giving birth to her kittens?
She is such a girly girl spending every minute at her own pace.
If you step in the room, she will be the first cat to welcome you and ask for affection.
However, when the staff comes to the room without any chores to do, she sometimes falls asleep and never wakes up…
I think it is nice to have a cat which doesn’t come to you all the time and gives you some space occasionally.
She takes a powerful stance against other cats so she’ll be happy to be the only cat in the family.

So, now you know that we have a lot of good-natured calicos.
We also have other cute calicos such as Chako, which was once introduced to you in an entry of this blog, or Meshibe, which will turn 1 soon.

Please come to see them!

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On May 11th, 2014 >>>

Hibari rehomed!! Thank you!!

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