Kenshin: who used to be a nomad…

A belated Happy New Year!
I’m Memphis and this is Matsue.
You may see us like two peas in a pod but we are not brother and sister.
I feel like the new year started just few days ago but now it’s the middle of January. Time flies…
With the first sunrise of 2014, I made our New Year resolution with Matsue that we definitely will find our own home THIS YEAR. White dogs are gorgeous, aren’t they? We have another white dog, Astro, too. Don’t you think our pink noses are cute?

A few days into the new year a new black dog joined us in our kennel. He is so awesome that I instantly liked him! Please let me introduce him.


So, That is Kenshin.
He used to be a nomad, so he was named after a famous Japanese comic series.

He looks cool with his big face, doesn’t he?
Also, he looks reflective because of the wrinkles on his face. That’s cool, too!
Being with him like this, I think you can see the difference between us; he looks deep in thought, while I am just perfectly handsome!

Look at his tail! He can wag his tail although it is that short.
He said that he was severely injured while he was out on the streets and had to have his tail cut.
Wow. That’s unbelievable. It seems he has had many hardships.

He is very good at balancing on two feet.
He can do such things easily! I envy you, Kenshin!
He said that I could do it, too. Can I really…?
CIMG5255.jpg CIMG5252.jpg

Wow, look! I did it! And I can stretch like this!
CIMG5254.jpg CIMG52552.jpg

Two dogs balancing on two feet!
Kenshin: Yes, you did it!

Matsue: What are you doing? This is a piece of cake!
Kenshin & Memphis: “Oh…show off….”

Now you know how cool Kenshin is! Oh, wait, does that mean he will find his new home before we do…?
OK, we 3 white dogs will work hard to find our own home very soon, too! Best wishes for the New Year to all of you and please wish us luck in finding our forever homes!

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