Adoption event report ☆ at GREENDOG on Dec. 23rd (Mon)

Merry Christmas☆
You may have already seen on Facebook. There was a heart-warming re-homing yesterday on Christmas Eve.

The day before Christmas Eve, we held the last adoption event for the year at GREENDOG in Kobe. It was the last day of a long weekend so we expected fewer visitors than usual. However, in the end, we found this event very fruitful with a lot of discoveries about our animals☆
Dogs are in Christmas clothes for this blog

On behalf of the small dogs, we brought the buddies, Nicchimo and Sacchimo.
They came from the same place but that doesn’t really explain why they are always together.
Nicchimo loves to be held by people and enjoys sitting on laps. Then suddenly Sacchimo comes out of nowhere and lies over his buddy.
They are asleep in that position.
They are really close to each other so we want to find one home for both of them. That’s the reason why they are still here at ARK today. On that day, 3 potential owners came to see dachshunds but none of them would pick up both. It might not be easy for people to have 2 dogs at once even though they are small…

We brought another small dog, Shaoron, the loner.
We assume he is a pure Chihuahua although people usually think that he must be a mix of Chihuahua and another breed since he weighs about 5 kg. He actually loves people but he is timid so he barks at first if he feels afraid of someone. When we saw him during the event, he seemed to love women so he came close to ladies voluntarily.
He seems to be afraid of men with a low tone voice. Also, he may be afraid of old ladies. Such behavior might come from his background at the former home.
His participation in this event was fruitful for us all since we learned that he should be adopted by a family which consists of women only or by a woman who lives on her own.

On behalf of the mushroom brothers and sister, Nameko and Matsutake joined the event.
Nameko was nervous while visitors were at the venue. A woman played with her and petted her for a while. She said Nameko looked like her former dog so she decided to come to Nose with her family at a later date. We wish her a loving home with that lady♪

Meanwhile, Matsutake, who loves to eat, obviously enjoyed the event much more than Nameko did. He was always with Aja during the event.
A family was interested in him so he may be adopted very soon♪

Representing the 34 dogs from the mountain, Aja participated in the event for the first time.
She is not the type of dog who easily wins people’s attention.
Before the event, we assumed that she would hide under a table during the event since the staff who always took care of her could not come that day. However, Aja came to greet every visitor and more than that, she asked visitors for affection and ate food. That was a great surprise to us all
She voluntarily cuddled up to guests.

She had no problem with walking outside and she urinated during the walk (some dogs cannot urinate when they are too nervous). She would be one of dogs who could easily be introduced to potential owners.
She is nice to both dogs and cats. In the end, she slept with puppies like this.

On behalf of the cats, Persimmon, the healer, joined the event.
Cats normally get nervous when they come to a new environment but Persimmon was different. He slept in a visitor’s arms. A family really liked sweet Persimmon. He will get his own home if things go his way.

We would like to extend our appreciation for your participation in this last adoption event this year. We had a lot of visitors. Also, we would like to thank GREEN DOG SQUARE (sorry, JP only) which kindly offers us the venue for adoption events all the time!
We deeply appreciate your support and would like to ask you for continued support in the coming year again!

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