Brown Puppies! PART 2

We introduced the 5 brown puppies earlier this year.
It took time for Primo, the last one, to get to his forever home but thanks to your support, he now enjoys floor heating this cold winter with his own family. Good for you, Primo! We are happy that you found your own home before the cold winter comes to Nose.

And now, just before the New Year, we have 6 more new brown puppies.
They were born from a stray dog at a temple. The temple was located in the mountains. All the puppies had mange (skin disease). They looked like hairless dogs when they arrived.
They were about 2-month-old when rescued. They learned “to be alert” from their mother so they couldn’t eat while people were with them.

They had to spend their important phase for socialization in an isolation room. So they are learning socialization now, a bit late for puppies. Now they have beautiful skin and fur and show their individual characters. Please let us introduce them to you♪


 He was such a cute puppy
 when he was rescued.
 He is a handsome puppy now♪



Since they started learning socialization at a later time than most puppies, the staff sometimes takes them home. According to the staff who took Shiitake home, he slept with her at home
He is such a cute young dog with big paws. He comes to you immediately when you give him a treat. Yes, he loves to eat.

kinokoS2.jpg Matsutake

 He was as cute as Shiitake when he came to ARK.
 Now he has a beautiful coat
 and looks quite gorgeous♪



You may see Shiitake just in front of the camera…
Matsutake loves to eat, too. Puppies who love to eat are easy to train.
We actually failed to rescue Shiitake and Matsutake the first try. They were away from the den or hiding. Now they are so friendly they eagerly approach people.


 He was the friendliest puppy at the time of rescue.
 Also, he was the only one who ate food
 right after he got to ARK.



He is so curious that he watched TV with the staff when he was taken to the staff’s home.
He is still shy to hands but we will work hard to let him know that “human hands” = “good things”!


 She is the only girl among siblings.
 She tried to go deep inside a little space
 she found at the time of rescue…



The picture was taken by a staff member at home.
She still gets frightened easily but she seems relaxed when dogs are around her.
She loves toys! She stayed at the staff’s house for just two days. However, during those two days, she showed her happy face little by little although she was totally shy to people before. That change won the heart of the staff♪ As we have told you again and again, one of the most gratifying things is to see a once shy puppy become happy and no longer afraid.

We also have Eringi and Enoki, who are still very shy, so we will introduce them at another time.
They were named after mushrooms: let’s hope mushroom brothers & sister find loving homes soon!

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