Foster Family’s Diary: Nefertiti in Tokyo

Several times in this blog we have written about the 34 dogs from the mountains.
They couldn’t even enjoy going on a walk when they first arrived at ARK. They have been learning many things since then to be ready to become “a member of a family”.

In October, three of the friendly male dogs were adopted one after another. We expected that the other dogs would be adopted very quickly as well. However, the other 31 dogs are still at ARK today.
So, we decided to send Nefetiti, the friendliest dog among females (introduced once in this article), to Tokyo to find her forever home!

So today, we would like to share with you a letter from the foster family♪


★Day 6 in Tokyo★

Dear all!
I’m Nefe, one of the dogs from the mountains!

I came to Osaka ARK in May and now I’m in Tokyo on behalf of the 34 dogs. I participated in an adoption event in Jingumae on Nov. 24th. Because I am still nervous, I still have trouble with eating and with elimination. In most cases I just freeze so it isn’t such a problem for you!
Anyway, everything is new to me! I am learning a lot everyday!

My position for tonight is at the entrance of the kitchen where I can see the family members.

I’m a good girl so I can wait on the floor while they have meals.

★Day 7 in Tokyo★

It seems the rules are different here than in the mountains.
The bosses of this family are 6-month-old kittens from ARK!! They are small but they do anything they want whenever they want!
Ah, and they have another dog, which is huge in size but very calm in nature. I was scared a bit at first, though I am totally ok with him.

Those cats thought I was a toy the first night I was here.

I think the cats are watching me… they stare at me all the time!

Typical borzoi-jumps are bit scary to me though…

I found a house with beautiful lighting. I’m working hard so I can participate in the next adoption event on Dec. 15th. I’m looking forward to seeing you!

★Day 11 in Tokyo★

More than 10 days have been passed since Nefe came to Tokyo.
She is still frightened by many things but has less trouble with elimination.
It is hard to feed her since she seems reluctant to eat by choice.
This morning, we found her eating the cats’ food! Last night, our daughter found her trying to pull a pack of meat down off the table and had to teach her some discipline!!

Nefe stays on tiles to keep her belly cool. She does this maybe because it is warmer here than in the mountains. She started playing with toys. What she enjoyed the most was plain clothes! I thought I would make her a cushion and I brought some material to the floor. Then, Nefe came to me and made a “nest” in the material and enjoyed rubbing her whole body against the old clothes! I see, she prefers plain clothes to cushions or beds! I will sew up the edges and make her a simple mat!

Little by little, she behaves naturally and has started growling at the kittens when they come into her space. It is a good thing that she can be herself but now it is also an important time to teach her discipline so I need to harden my heart in a good way.

One problem… our family dog fell sick so Nefe sleeps in another room as of 2 days ago.
She is the type of girl who loves to stay with people though she quietly sleeps in her favorite house.
…Rather, she snores!

Nefe, which one do you like? 

This one!

Let’s play together!

I do love to be with people!


What an adorable dog she is
Being fostered, we can see new things about her which we couldn’t see at the shelter. That means it helps us a lot when we explain about her character to potential owners.
Thank you very much, foster families!!

At Tokyo ARK, foster families are welcomed all the time.
How about “fostering an animal”?

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