Adoption event report ☆ at GREENDOG on Nov. 24th (Sun).

As usual, we held an adoption event at GREENDOG in Kobe on Nov. 24th (Sun).
Four dogs and 2 cats took part in the event. Once again, we gained new understandings about our animals!

Please let us tell you first about the cats. We brought two brothers who are always together: Azu and Blanco. They are super-friendly to people and didn’t care at all that they were in Kobe and not at ARK. They were totally relaxed during the event. They ate food and played with toys. They will get used to your home without any big problem when they are adopted.
CIMG4652.jpg CIMG4653.jpg
You love each other that much…kiss, kiss….
Looking at the brothers, one of the visitors said that they were so close to each other that he wanted to adopt them together. Please come to Nose and see other cats since we have many cats who have their own buddies!

Now, let’s move to the dogs.
On behalf of old dogs, Sachi joined the event.
She’d lived inside a house until recently. She has a beautiful coat and is healthy. You won’t believe that she is 12 years old. She had a round body when she came to ARK but then she lost weight because she missed people so much. She kept whimpering and couldn’t relax at all.
We don’t want her to loose any more weight. At the event, she was the first one who welcomed visitors. She enjoyed the affection of every visitor. She seemed so happy.
Of course, she didn’t urinate at the venue since she’d lived in a house before.
CIMG4639.jpg CIMG4634.jpg
Once we saw her behaving like this, we don’t want to keep her at the kennel in ARK…
Please wish her a forever home as soon as possible!

We brought small-sized dogs as well: Sacchimo, a dachshund joined.
He is so friendly to people that he joined the event after only being at ARK 5 days.
Like a typical dachshund, he enjoyed the event without showing any hesitation to people or dogs. He mounted a dog who was several times bigger than him, and the dog got mad at him, but he didn’t care about it at all! We put a manner-belt on him just in case though the band remained clean throughout the event.
As you may have guessed, “Sacchimo” has his buddy, “Nicchimo”. Nicchimo didn’t join the event because he becomes nervous around strangers and barks just for the first several seconds.They are very close to each other so please come to see them at ARK.

Again, from the 34 dogs from the mountain, or “OYM34”, as named by one of the foster families in Tokyo, Leonidas, the boss, and Ophelia, the sweet girl, joined the event.
Please look! They love each other very much! Or, is it a one-way love of Ophelia?

Leonidas is indeed a nice guy; he is a sort of guy who is gentle and strong.
He walked in a crowded area without any hesitation and enjoyed the event by showing his belly to strangers. He is like a therapy dog since people feel comfort while they pet him.
CIMG4663.jpg CIMG4578.jpg
He didn’t urinate at the venue. We imagine that he would be a sweet boy once you live with him at home. However, it seems difficult to find a home for him since he is three-legged.
If you think about his legs in a different way, you don’t need to take him for a long walk because he will get tired. That could be easier for you. Nevertheless, having a 3-legged dog is not much different than having a 4-legged one. We hope he will find a loving home soon.

When it comes to Ophelia, she behaved just as usual, contrary to our expectations.
She walked outside with her tail up and she went to strangers and greeted to them during the event. We couldn’t believe such behavior because she usually barks at strangers at the fence when she is in her kennel.
CIMG46201.jpg CIMG4662.jpg
Maybe we should find her a home without any children. She tried to nip a small kid once. Anyway, we were surprised by her because she has changed a lot since coming to ARK.

To us, this event was fruitful because we deepened our understanding about their good sides.
The things we learned about them on that day will help us find their forever homes.

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