Preparation for winter at ARK.

ARK is located at the northern tip of Osaka. Today, it was very cold like the middle of winter. It was down to 1C last night. The long winter has begun at ARK.

You can enjoy red leaves at ARK’s new animal welfare centre currently under construction in Sasayama.

Each kennel in Sasayama will have both an indoor room and an outside space so that dogs can come into the room when it is cold. However in Nose, most of the kennels are outside.
We put a blanket at the door of each doghouse like this to shut out the cold wind.
Astro, it will be your 5th anniversary here at ARK next March and I know you feel you’ve waited long enough for your own home, right?

At the “Old Dog Club” of ARK, there are rooms with heaters. Still, dogs love to be outside even in cold weather. They wear warm clothing and enjoy the sunshine although the days are getting shorter.
Three sisters: Sachiyo, Seiko and Izumi. They are look-alike sisters. They even behave like each other as they get older.

This is "Just Me" from Fukushima. She is a temporary resident at ARK. The cold affects all the dogs at ARK, especially the old ones. It is hard for them to keep warm when they get older. This includes Just Me even though she is from Fukushima.

For several years, a volunteer has been hand making warm clothes for old dogs who live in outside kennels. Again this year, the dogs got wonderful gifts from her♪
They must feel warm in their new clothes! Also, they look nice! I envy you!
Chobi.jpg Coronet.jpg
Chobi turned 13 this year. Coronet collapsed when the temperature dropped suddenly last month. She needs a new home ASAP.

This is Korokke and Belle. They are roommates and look gorgeous in clothes with the same pattern but different colors.

Of course, we want all the dogs at ARK to be adopted as soon as possible.
However, when it comes to old dogs, we really want them to live out their remaining years in a warm loving home. Don’t they deserve to have a happy ending? An “old dog boom” would be wonderful, wouldn’t it?

On 15th Dec (Sun), Tokyo ARK Adoption event, the last one for this year☆

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