Before winter comes…

It’s getting colder these days, isn’t it?

In Nose, where ARK is located, the temperature has been down to 5C in the mornings and at night. Winter is coming very soon after such a long hot summer…
In recent years, autumn is too short to even enjoy it.

With recent cold weather, we covered the catteries with plastic sheets and put pocket warmers in their beds to prevent the cats from catching colds. When it comes to aged dogs and small dogs, which are vulnerable to coldness, they now wear clothes. Still, several dogs have caught colds already.
We have no idea if it is that cold in Nose lately or if cats and dogs these days are weaker than those in the old days.
Anyway, we are sure that the dogs we are going to introduce to you in this article are definitely vulnerable to the cold because they are “hairless” dogs…

With the exception of one, 13 Chinese Crested were rescued from a breeder who closed up shop due to illness. We were expecting a lot hard work because the breeder said the dogs were extremely timid. In fact, the breeder considered putting them down because they never showed any attachment to people. It was only due to finances that the dogs survived. The breeder couldn’t afford to put them to sleep.

However, it turned out when they came to ARK that all of them are great dogs.
They love people so much that they follow the staff members who take care of them.
Maybe they were not treated well at the breeder’s?…..
Nine of them were re-homed shortly after they came to ARK and now the other four are waiting for their own homes.

One of them is Swan in Tokyo ARK.
You may think she is a Yorkshire terrier with a thin coat but she is a hairless Chinese crested dog according to the breeder. She is young and friendly so it may be time for her to be adopted.

The other 3 are waiting for their forever homes in Nose but are rarely considered by potential adopters. In order to protect them from the cold, they wear 2 layers of clothes and use pocket warmers. Still, their physical condition doesn’t seem good. We are not sure if they will be ok when winter comes.
So, please let us introduce the Chinese crested dogs in Nose!

The first one is Coke, a Hairless Chinese crested with thin hair called a “Hairly Hairless”.
He looks like a standard Chinese crested dog. He looks like a white horse with silky hair when he runs. Several potential adopters considered him before but he has some behavioral problems. He approaches the staff who take care of him and asks for affection. But he sometimes sneaks up on strangers and nips them. He also nips when he is too excited or happy. He is very smart and recognizes people easily.
There is another thing that shows how smart he is. He learnt commands instantly such as sit, wait, or house. If you bring some treats to him and other dogs, he will keep sitting and waiting while the others jump or bark “gimme that!” He is well behaved.
20130929_134351y.jpg 1383316965607y.jpg
He is definitely the type of dog who will be submissive to his owner all the time. You will have no problem once you and Coke get to know each other.
We are looking forward to a forever home for Coke, who feels cold easily and loves to spend time with people!!

The next one is Akane.
She is quiet and doesn’t have a big attitude. Such character makes it difficult for her to compete with other dogs. It’s hard for her to show off her sweet side because she is quiet. However, she loves people so you may find her sitting at your feet quietly before you know it.
She lost several teeth when she was around 5 years old. She was used as a breeding dog.
Some people say she looks like a Southern coati (please search the internet!).
Aside from dry eyes, which require some drops, she is healthy. However with the onslaught of the cold weather, she doesn’t seem well these days.
Her love for food, which once was really strong, is getting weaker.
We’d appreciate it if you would consider her as your dog!
20131025_120538.jpg 20131025_120726-1.jpg
Pictures of Akane, with Coke always behind her.

Lastly, let us introduce you to Curl. He looks like a miniature Schnauzer rather than a Chinese crested. Actually, he is not a Hairless but a Powder Puff Chinese crested so he has a fluffy coat.
He has a stuffed animal-like adorable dog face.
He is one of the dogs the breeder considered euthanizing.
He was a little bit shy to people when he came to ARK but we found out that he is actually a sweet dog. Now he doesn’t escape when people come and even gets closer to them and enjoys people’s hands.
Look at him in the picture above! He gets relaxed and seems happy when he is held by the staff who always takes care of him and whom he trusts.
He seems a little nervous around cars and in unfamiliar places. However, he will be fine once he gets his own home. He has changed already so much at ARK. We expect him to adapt well in a new home.
20131008_111157.jpg 20131008_111156.jpg
20131008_111151.jpg 20131008_111149.jpg
He is so expressive now♪

Now you know the sweet personalities of the 3 dogs.
In Nose it is very cold so many animals fall sick every year. We do hope to find wonderful homes as soon as possible not only for the Chinese crested dogs but also for the other dogs and cats at ARK.
You can enjoy the red leaves in Nose now. Please come to hike in the hills and to see us♪

On 24th Nov, Adoption event at Kobe GREENDOG☆

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