I am “Piano”

Hello Everyone! My name is Piano and I came to ARK in May this year.


I lived at a waste oil factory for 11 years with a different name. I showed my smiling face to the factory workers and regular visitors. But I was too shy when strangers came and I always hid myself. Some said, “You cannot be a security dog.” But everybody adored me and I was happy living there. I thought I could continue living there into my senior years.

But things at the office seemed to change at the beginning of the year. The workers seemed restless. Their working days were decreased and sometimes I could not get food…
I was hungry and felt lonely… I was not sure what was happening and became mentally and physically exhausted… Just when I was about to give up hope, the remaining employee found ARK for me.

The ARK staff told me later that when they saw my picture they thought I was an “old dog around 15 years old or so.” Also, I “look almost blind”…
Excuse me!?! But yes, I understand why you thought so. In this picture, I was 4kgs lighter than I am now.

The best thing I found at ARK was that I could get enough food and the staff took me on a walk everyday! I love walking! I instantly fell I love with the people at ARK!
I showed my “Give me some!☆” pose soon after! I was like a puppy again!


I once joined the “senior dogs club” at ARK. I could not get along with the other senior dogs and I completely stopped socializing. But since I got a single room, I can sleep well and I have no toilet problems at all☆
I have put on some weight. I’m now mentally and physically getting back to what I was.
People say that I have become younger than before.

The staff members say, “Piano is such an easy to take care of dog. He isn’t overly outgoing or overly shy.” They took me to an adoption event the other day. But it seems it’s not easy to find a new family because I’m not small or young.
Well, I am a senior but I can walk well like the young dogs. I believe I can enjoy life more from now on!

“At the adoption event, I was a bit nervous because it was my first ‘inside a house’ experience!”

I like life in ARK but I’ve heard a “house-dog life” is happier.
Do you think I can become a house-dog in the last chapter of my dog life? I sure hope someone will think so and will adopt me!


On 31st Aug, Tokyo ARK Adoption event in DOGSIGN Jingumae☆

Looking for foster families☆

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