Adoption event report☆at GREENDOG on June 23rd.

We had a monthly adoption event at GREENDOG Kobe (JP only) on the 23rd of June (Sun)!
6 dogs and one cat joined the event.
We were slightly worried since each animal had it’s own unique personality..… What happened at the event??

First up, we brought chocolate colored, Harp.
Her color is quite unique among mix breed dogs. Some people asked if she was brought here from a foreign country.
She did not let anyone touch her when she was a stray. But now she loves people and food!
Whenever another dog is fed, she is also around hoping to get a bite…
On the event day, she found that no bossy dog was around and she was able to relax during the event. She was a little shy but she tried to smile when guests approached. She is around one year old and is still young. It seems she gets along with children too. Will her rehoming day come soon? She even used a puppy pad even though we never trained her to do so.

The next one is a true Japanese beauty, Piano.
She is 11 years old but she is still young and beautiful. She behaved like a traditional modest Japanese woman and attracted many guests.
She is not good at standing out to make herself noticed. But she remembers the people who pet her. Once she remembers you, she will love you and want to be spoiled by you.
Piano is a little bit afraid of other dogs and was quiet at the event. But she wanted to get rubbed when other dogs were getting spoiled. Then, she was quietly sitting behind guests until they found her. She is not young anymore, but we think this kind of senior dog is deserving of a loving home too.

The next is a joyful Beagle named Anzu.
Anzu was used as a security dog before she came to ARK. So, she sometimes barks a lot over the fence at ARK. We were worried about it and put her on a leash during the event just in case.
But she was in a good mood and smiled all day. She walked around the room with a child who held her leash. She also welcomed each guest. She is 8 years old and seemed a little bit tired in the end. But she could pose like this for the meal just after we started preparing it. “Gimme some” she said. Beagles are energetic so a dog her age might be easier to live with. She is small and we hope she will find a great family in the near future!

Zenobia joined from the 34 dogs rescued from the mountain group. Yes, it was a challenge for her..
Zenobia is sensitive to noises and got slightly panicked by many cars coming in and out of the parking lot.
But when I held her she became calm.
When the room became crowded with people, she hid herself under the counter. Probably she was overwhelmed by the crowd. But despite being nervous, she could take a nap under there… we believe she is not that sensitive!
In the middle of the event she woke up when she saw other dogs getting treats. She looked as if she was saying: “Good morning, I’m hungry….” Then she came to the center of the room.
Basically, she likes people. She is friendlier than her siblings who were never around people before. We think she can get used to a new life via food once she finds her new home.
It doesn’t happen a lot, but it is so sweet when she comes to me and kisses me

And the rep of white puppy rescue group was Sunyon.
Her siblings are all with foster families for socialization training. (Please see previous posts)
Sunyon is happy as long as she is with dogs. It’s same as her siblings.
It may be easy to take care of her as she is quite a big eater.
She didn’t care when Harp growled at her and she was held by many guests. This was a good socialization experience for her.
She lives in a kennel with adult dogs. She fits in as if she is an adult dog. Hyper puppy behavior is cute, but a calm puppy is easier to take care of!

The last of the dogs that day was Kuromame. You may know him from the blog post. He was the only one male dog that day.
Kuromame was popular this time too. He was tiny, chubby and did his own thing. He was walking under the bigger dogs and walked around the room freely.
People said, “He is so cute. I want to take him home!” But no official offer has come yet…
Kuromame had a good time. He showed his “turn around and sit” and “give paw right and left.” The guests loved it.
Should we keep taking him to the event until he finds his forever home there?

And Lyra from the cat team joined.
She is always active and likes to play with a toy. But she was so nervous because it was an unfamiliar place. She couldn’t move or eat at all…
So.., please come to ARK if you would like to see adorable Lyra!
We do not understand why she has not been adopted yet. She is such a good cat♪

We did not have any formal adoption offers at the event, but some of the guests are thinking about adoption in the future.
At the shelter in Nose, it is like “adoption event everyday (except for Wednesday)”. We are looking forward to seeing you at the shelter too!

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