Tarquin’s Knockdown Triangle Kick: Forbidden!


One day, as a member of our staff was walking with Tarquin, she noticed that he was moving along rather awkwardly.

It sometimes looked as if he had a limp or was stumbling on something. For a few days after that, we kept seeing Tarquin in his enclosure lifting up his foot awkwardly, as if in pain. We took him to the doctor, and the physical examination and X-ray showed nothing unusual, but the vet suspected muscle pain due to too much exercise. Even though the condition was not serious, it apparently could get worse. Tarquin was ordered to stop his special “Knockdown Triangle Kick.”


The order was quite simple, yet difficult to enforce. Moving Tarquin to a smaller space would make him feel stressed. He remains calm when accompanied by someone, but we can’t be with him all the time. After racking our brains about how to stop him from leaping around, we moved the kennel, hung a big dustpan on the wall to prevent him from using it as a jump foothold, and placed the water bucket in the middle of the dog house. Tarquin can no longer attempt his triangle kicking, and he does not appear to be in pain or walk strangely any more.

But now we have to help him release his excess energy!


At ARK, there is a fenced area on a sloping grove called "The Ring", where dogs are unleashed for exercise. Tarquin loves it, and whenever he comes here he keeps running from end to end with a broad smile on his face. Exercising here seems to help him release stress, as he is often seen sleeping quietly in the dog house afterwards. But he still does his super special favorite Knockdown Triangle Kick at the Ring! Since he can get a long running start there, the height and twist of his jump are even more spectacular. He uses the trunks of nearby cedar trees as footholds to push off from. What amazing jumps he does, almost like somersaults in midair!

"Tarquin will get the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics!"

But we can’t make jokes like this any more. We can no longer take him to the Ring.


Even though we’re protecting his feet, poor Tarquin will be stressed out if everything is out of bounds and he can’t get any exercise. What we can do includes taking him on long walks as a distraction, giving him the T-touch, playing with his nose, and grooming and massaging him to release that pent-up energy.

I wish there were more time! I wish I could have more time with Tarquin! And with him, with her, and that one too...

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