Foster family’s diary [White puppy, JIYON]

As we reported in ARK news (in JP only), five white puppies (siblings) came from hokenjyo (animal control center) in Nagasaki. One of them was already adopted and three dogs are being fostered for training/socialization.

After HARA, we would like to introduce Jiyon, the white puppy with a pink-nose.
Jiyon is being fostered by a family that adopted an ARK dog before. Since that dog died, the family has fostered rescued dogs not only from ARK, but from other shelters too. They are an experienced foster family.

Currently, they are fostering two dogs, Kota and Miu.
Jiyon is a dog that loves dogs…how are the things going??

★On the 1st day:
The other two foster dogs try to avoid Jiyon. But she wags her tail when she sees them. She really likes dogs and will get used to people faster with other dogs around.
I put her into a sling and went walking with the adult dogs to the park.
In the park, I let her walk around and she played with other dogs (a friendly Pekinese and Schnauzer) She had lots of puppy energy and did her business on the grass.
But maybe her rear legs are weak? She gets tired quickly.

After her walk I put her in an open cage that she can freely go in and out of. From there she can watch the other dogs getting spoiled or having their meals. I saw Jiyon showing interest in the treats so I gave all 3 of them a snack.

★On the 5th day:
For 2 days she did not eat any dry food but drank a lot of water. I took her to the vet but he found nothing wrong other than a slight skin allergy. She had a drip infusion and the vet gave us some canned food.

On the car ride home she was quiet. Maybe she was nervous. But once we got home she was active and ran around when she heard the other dogs bark.

Just inside the entrance hall is Kota’s favorite blanket. Jiyon always goes straight to that blanket when she comes in from outside. Kota seems annoyed but Jiyon doesn’t care and goes to the blanket anyway!

For the first couple of days we kept Jiyon in a cage. Now she is free to roam the house and goes to explore. She likes to go under the sofa which is Miu’s favorite place. She also likes to take Kota’s place near the wall. She runs fast like a ninja and hides herself.

Today, I put canned w/d food in her bowl and called all of them to eat. Jiyon ate half of the food and I was relieved. Tomorrow I will mix the canned and the dry.

★On the 6th day:
Jiyon, how adorable you are!!

As of yesterday I started to mix the canned food with the dry. I also added some vegetable soup. She finished all the meal!

For the past couple of days she has ben under Miu’s sofa. She is probably hiding. This spot is good for her to see the living room and dining room.
She can also hear the sounds that we make in those rooms. When we give the adult dogs attention, Jiyon comes out from under the sofa and wags her tail.
When she hears the sound of the fish snack pouch picked up in the fridge, she comes out happily.

I try to feed her in the corner of the living room with other two dogs.
Recently, she can tell when the food is being served. She sees the other dogs waiting in the kitchen and she has started to join them.
I thought she ate like a bird in the beginning. But now, she is actually a big eater!

★On the 10th day:
When a noise scares her she hides under the sofa. But she has started spending time on the sofa as well.

Jiyon is such a tomboy. She has a lot of energy. After today’s morning walk she ran with the adult dogs. My daughter tried to run with Jiyon but she couldn’t keep up!

In the evening the three of us relaxed on the sofa together. A few hours later my husband returned. He lives in another city for work. Then Jiyon hid under the sofa again.

I usually carry her in a sling until we get to the park. But tonight I tried to let her walk since the traffic was light. She was afraid of people and bikes. I kept talking to her and telling her it was all ok. She still walked with her tail down but she seemed less scared.

Another interesting story is…
She stays close to us and tries to bite our legs if we wear white pants. She has done it since she came here. Her siblings are all white and our dogs are white/beige. Her favorite friend in the park is white too. Maybe she loves that color….If I wear white pants, we can enjoy chasing each other.

★On the 11th day:
Good news.
Kota tends to bark loudly when he finds someone at the front door. When that happens Jiyon runs under the sofa. When Kota barks during playtime, Jiyon runs under the sofa and then to me. I told her not to worry….

And one more…
She recently starting joining the other dogs for a nap in the office room. When I work on the computer the other dogs sleep near me. Jiyon was on the sofa alone. Maybe she was lonely so she joins us now.

★On the 13th day:
As of yesterday I started feeding her in the crate with the command “house.” She also learned how to sit before a meal.
While I am preparing her food, she waits in the kitchen with other dogs. Now she follows “house” and “sit” perfectly.

Also she seems more relaxed during her walk. She could walk slowly and enjoys sniffing around.

★On the 14th:
Every evening, dogs in our neighborhood gather in a park. Today we went with Jiyon. There were more people than dogs and Jiyon was overwhelmed and tried to escape. One man held her. She was nervous at first but began to relax with him. She was nervous but didn’t seem to mind being touched by others. We will definitely bring her here again.

Also, we went to my friend’s house with her. It was a10 minute car-ride and friendly young dogs were there. As we assumed, she was frozen. She looked at me many times and I felt that she relies on me now.
After she came back home, she was active again, jump, jump and jump….

Wrestling with Kota at home is getting harder.
In the end, she ran up on the sofa, kicked and jumped on Kota, then did it again and again…as fast as possible...
We cannot believe her physical strength. She is strong for a puppy…
This picture was taken just after this game today. She is on the sofa and seems exhausted.

Like other puppies, she wants treats and goes around collecting other dog’s toys.



Can you believe it? She changed a lot!!
When Jiyon was at ARK, she was too scared to go for a walk. We had to hold her during the walk.
In the beginning, the foster family thought “may be something is wrong with her legs” but now she is has “wonderful physical strength.”
Thanks to foster family with two dogs, Jiyon learned a lot! We appreciate your support! She has learned how to communicate with humans thanks to the adult dogs in the house. We are looking forward to seeing how much more she will change………

If you are interested in this tiny lovely creature with a pink nose, please let the ARK office know.

How is Jiyon’s sibling Sunyon doing??…
She joined the adoption event in Kobe!
Adult dogs bothered her a bit, but she did not care.
You can be good friends with her if you have some snacks for her. She is a big eater♪

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