Foster Family’s Diary: HARA

As we reported in ARK news (in JP only), five white puppies (siblings) came from hokenjyo (animal control center) in Nagasaki. One of them was already adopted and three dogs are being fostered for training/socialization.

They were all super timid when they arrived at ARK and we asked for foster care immediately. These dogs are learning things faster than we expected.
We would like you to see how well the puppies are doing with their foster families. It will also be great information for someone who wants to adopt them!


The first report is about Hara. She was the most timid among the siblings.
Hara’s foster family adopted two dogs from ARK already. One is Komugi, an Italian greyhound, who was rescued from the Tohoku earthquake area. The other one is Spiv(currently BOO) who was featured on the ARK blog many times.

How Hara is learning socialization from these former ARK dogs?

★On the first day:
Hara met Boo and Komugi. From the first day she didn’t hesitate to lean on Boo.

Hara went in/out from under the coffee table several times. She ate his meal completely.

She was lying down in the entrance alone so I picked her up and moved her next to Komugi. It seems she could relax next to Komugi and she slept well.

In the evening, he rushed into the bushes and peed, but no poop. He wanted to walk, but if the direction was not the one he wanted, he sat down.
As the street was quite busy, I held him and we saw people on the bridge. When he got tired from keeping his face up, he put his head on my arm and smelled the air.

When she came back from the walk she approached BOO with her tail wagging and licked his face. But BOO was not happy about it and Hara went back to Komugi’s blanket. Once Komugi was back, she played with Komugi. I discovered that she thought Komugi’s blanket was her place.

She was on Komugi’s blanket when she went to sleep. But my son wanted to sleep with Hara so they slept together today.

★The 2nd day:
Hara slept with my son but woke up early. I let her go back to Komugi’s blanket and took her on a morning walk later with Boo.
She chased BOO when the morning walk started!
I thought she would sit down and refuse to move, but she followed me if I talked to her. She did stop when we were almost home and I had to carry her the rest of the way. She ate her breakfast completely and took a long nap on the blanket with Komugi.

She never does his toilet business inside the house. When I put her on the leash and go out, she goes to the nearest bush and does pee/poop.
Hara may be a smart girl. It seems she has decided where is toilet place will be. Whenever she goes out, she rushes to her pee-point for peeing/pooping.

Her changes since yesterday:
・If somebody calls “Hara” when she is on the blanket, she wags her tail.
・She used to step back on the blanket when someone came into the room. But she does not do it anymore today.
・When I rub her and say her name she licked my hand and sometimes did play-bite.
・When Komugi went out for the evening meal, she followed.

★The 3rd and 4th day:
In the house she is more willing to explore more but still hesitates a bit.
On the evening of the 3rd day, it seems she wandered around the house by herself and peed on a cushion. Or was that BOO? She found where the water bowl is in the house and could go to drink it on her own.

On the 4th day, she started exploring the house from 11pm. She tried to play around BOO in the middle of the night and got snapped at.
I told her not to pee on a blanket during her midnight wandering. I tried putting a diaper on her during the night. She might not feel comfortable with it and chewed it a bit. But it seems she got used to it soon and wore it until the next morning.

Her changes:
・She started looking at my eyes. Eye-contact?
・When I say “Good morning, Hara!” she wags her tail a lot.
・Sometimes she shows her belly to get some rubs.
・When I show her BOO’s toy, she comes to play with it.


Look how much he changed in only 4 days!
We can see a dog who did not know how to communicate with humans start to learn from older dogs how to be a house dog.
We could not imagine Hara relaxing and sleeping in front of people when she was at ARK. She started showing her puppy character and start doing some puppy mischief too.
We are expecting she will get used to life with her future family very quickly. Now we are waiting for that day to come! Would you like to adopt Hara?

These 5 siblings LOVE dogs. Even if some dog gets mad or treats them roughly, they are happy as long as they are with other dogs.
Nicole was adopted and got used to her new family quickly thanks to the dog that was already there.
We secretly hope some family with a dog will find Hara attractive and adopt him… Who will be his new family??
If you are interested in Hara, please let the ARK office know!

Bonus shot
Gyuri and Anna are looking for their new families in Tokyo.
Even though Gyuri is being eaten by Anna, she is happy… these 5 siblings love other dogs…

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