We are Mezzanine cats☆

ARK always has about 150 cats. Usually several cats live together. But for some cats, living with other cats may cause stress or bullying. Cats that live in single rooms in the ARK office are called “mezzanine cats.” Today we’d like to introduce some of the mezzanine cats.

First up is “Uzura” at 15 years old.
It has been 10.5 years since she was rescued from a cruel environment.
She used to live with other cats but she was a little bit bossy. Now she is old and most of her friends are gone. She enjoys her own time.
Peeking is the sign that she wants to play with you.

Single room cats can go out from their own rooms during the day if they want. But grandma Uzura does not come out. She is strong minded but timid… She is as beautiful as before. We would like her to live a long and peaceful life.

”I taught younger generations before…”

The next one is a cool-but warm character, “A-chan”. She is a Siamese-mix 6 year old female. Her previous owner said, “I became allergic to cats and left her outside. But she kept coming back to the house because she was being bullied by stray cats.” She was lucky to come to ARK.

It’s difficult to see it from the picture, but her face is very cute and her fur pattern is very complex. She is so “cat” and comes to us only when she is in the mood. She recently enjoys basking in the sun on a bed by the window. She can take a nap even if dogs are around.
Ahchan2a.jpg Ahchan3.jpg
A-chan does her own thing but we hope she will find her perfect family.

"Haru" was once adopted but came back to ARK. She is a 5 year old female. She first came to ARK when her owner passed away. Soon after, she was adopted. But the adopter left her when they went back to their home country… She is tiny but a big eater. She is always staring at staff members when they have lunch…
Sometimes she tries to get some lunch by using her cat-punch. A real hunter!
Once she gets in a playful mood, she becomes so active!
She loves people, she’s tiny, and she’s cute. We do not understand why no one has taken her yet. Is it because of this complex fur pattern? Do people not like these markings? You know, most of the cats with this fur pattern are smart!

"Cecile" is a unique, 7 year old female American Curl. She was rescued from a cat hoarder.
She is quite unique. You may be surprised at how tiny she is.
We can say that only the people who spend time with her understand her.
Please come visit Cecile♪

“the rain started……”

The cat beauty is Chako. She was on the blog before.
She is now 3 years old and beautiful.

Calico cats are smart and sometimes sensitive. Chako is a typical calico and it takes her time to get used to new places or people. But once she knows you, she will ask you to spoil her. We have all fallen in love with her. Chako has been in the mezzanine for a long time. She walks around freely and looks down from the top like this:
”Do you have something to say?”

Around a certain time, she goes back to her room and waits for her meal. Smart girl! We are looking for a family who can understand her need for time to get used to a new environment.

We have only introduced females so far…
The only male cat for today’s blog is a new comer, Bank. He is a good-looking 2 year old cat.

He was rescued with his sibling when he was a kitten. He got along with other kittens and lived together with them.
After growing up, he started acting bossy and started bullying senior cats. Because he was giving other cats stress, he was moved to single room. Once he was placed with a female cat but the female got mad. Older female cats do not like him so he can be out only when other cats are in their rooms.

When Bank arrived at ARK he was the most timid in his litter. But now he loves people and is a spoiled cat. If he gets his forever home he will settle down.

The cats living on the mezzanine floor often don’t get the attention they deserve. Each of them is attractive in their own way and need a loving home. Usually Grandma Chihuahua, Okowa, is guarding the cats. But if you call the ARK, the self-appointed security guard dog will be dismissed. Please meet these cats when you visit ARK.

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