Socialization Training

As you may already know from our ARK news, we did a large scale rescue of 34 dogs.

These dogs were running around freely in the mountains. They had no contact with people other than with the person who brought them food. They have no experience with collars or leashes. There are many things they need to learn in order to become proper pets. Thirty-four of these un-socialized timid dogs came to ARK at once. As you can imagine, we are very busy taking care of them.

Here is how a dog looks when it has never been walked on a leash before. Frozen! We have been trying to walk each dog everyday. They are gradually learning….

Zenobia is getting used to the staff members and showed us her smile like this. She is still afraid of unknown sounds...

“Leonidas”s foreleg is missing. When he was a puppy his leg was wrapped in wire and it had to be amputated.
But he is very friendly and showed his belly just after he arrived at ARK.

“Anushuka” is the only one with black markings. All the other dogs are brown and white. She is still nervous, but she is willing to accept some rubbing.

Luckily, none of the dogs show any aggressiveness at all. They are calm even when a stranger holds him/her.
It is a gradual process but all of them are learning. Some could eat more than before and some have already started walking on a leash.

Doken09.jpg Doken10.jpg
Our mission is to find them forever homes.
Socialization training will continue everyday until the day they leave ARK for their new homes.

They are used to living in the mountains and keep trying to return! We hope they will find their forever homes soon and discover that a loving family is better than the lonely mountains….

On June 23rd. Osaka ARK Adoption event at GREENDOG Kobe☆

On June 23rd, Tokyo ARK Adoption event at DOGSIGN Jingumae☆

Marcle the Corgie is looking for a foster family.
http://www.arkbark.net/?q=ja/node/4860 (JP only)

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