I’m Kuromame


Hello, everyone. I’m Kuromame.

When my previous owner moved, I was sent to grandma’s place temporarily. When grandma tried to touch me, but I was not ready yet and … I bit her hand. After that, I was kept outside. It was January and very cold. I was frozen…. Then, I was brought to a place called ARK.


At ARK I see so many young ladies and many dogs. I was timid at first but I started to like it here. I could eat a lot and I got lots of nice rubs and scratches.

One family decided to adopt me but then their situation changed. I lost the chance…. Everyone at ARK said, “Kuromame is a lovely Chihuahua and must be adopted soon.” But no offers have come yet. It is because of me. They say I am selfish.


I love being held, walking and getting rubbed. But my favorite thing above all is “eating”. If someone puts their hand in front of me when I am eating, I will eat the hand too!

Also, if a hand reaches toward me when I am in a bad mood… I will bite.
That is why people say I am “selfish” or “rebellious”, but they also call me a “typical Chihuahua”.

I did not know that biting was a bad thing. Nobody told me that when I was a puppy. When I do bite it is only a small hole or a little bleeding… can you forgive me?


If you welcome me to your family, please be patient with me until I find my toilet place. I know what pet sheets are, but it takes time for me to understand where the new toilet is located.

I like sleeping in a pet crate and never bark at guests. I can get along with other dogs or cats. I can call myself an “easy to take care of” dog. No? I really am a spoiled Chihuahua.

I’m looking forward to seeing you, my new mom and dad.… (snoring…)

On June 23rd. Osaka ARK Adoption event at GREENDOG Kobe☆

On June 23rd, Tokyo ARK Adoption event at DOGSIGN Jingumae☆

Marcle the Corgie is looking for a foster family.
http://www.arkbark.net/?q=ja/node/4860 (JP only)

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