ARK Reunion 2013☆

We had our ARK Reunion Party2013 at Sasayama, our future sanctuary site on May 19th.

The day before the event the weather forecast said “rain may start from 6pm.” Unfortunately, it turned out to be rain starting at noon. We saw some sunshine in the morning and tried not to believe that it would rain. We started the event as planned.
A few families cancelled, but 145 two-legged and 87 four-legged friends attended.


We tried to proceed as fast as possible. There was a short speech, a group photo and games were planned after lunch. Then the rain started… If it were just a light rain we could do all the games but actually it was a pretty heavy rain. Many of the participants gave up and left, but still many people/dogs patiently stuck it out.

These cards were “self-introduction” cards about each dog. They got wet but we dried them. The staff members enjoyed seeing the dogs they used to care for.

The Yes/No Quiz could be done with umbrellas. And seeing that the dogs didn’t care about the rain, we decided to do the “Come! Come!” race as well.

”Okay honey, you should run to your mommy!”

Do you understand the game, Kosuzu chan?
You have to touch your human daddy. Waiting in front of the goal line does not count…

One fun part of the reunion is when dog siblings meet up again. Well, the owners seemed more excited than the dogs. They kept saying, “I knew you guys looked alike!”

We are always impressed to see how the dogs have changed. Adopted dogs look calm and confident. Even the dogs that were big barkers at ARK never had any trouble at the event. Probably they were confident since they had their own family now.
We don’t always have dogs that are easy to take care of. But the adopters accepted each dog as it was and loved them. We have no words to express our appreciation to the adopters. The animals are all so lucky.


Seeing happily adopted ARK dogs made all the staff members happy.
Please join the next reunion if you missed it this time around!
Thank you so much to the people came to join and to the volunteers and staff members. We did not have great weather but still it was a lot of fun.
See you again next year!

--And more-
Retrievers are great in the rain.
Tack and Meg got the special prize “Muddy Buddy”☆

On June 2nd. Osaka ARK Adoption event in Nara☆

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