Adoption event report☆at MAGATAMA on 29th Apr.(Mon)

MAGATAMA is a café in Tamatsukuri, Osaka. They supported ARK before by holding a panel exhibit. This time, they kindly held an adoption event for us.
Good smells filled in the air at the café. How will dogs react in this place?

Five dogs joined this time but no cats.
First up is Nove who was rescued from an animal hoarder.

This innocent face is a trick? All the girls like him!
He is like a baby because he falls asleep just after being held.
He did not care even when he was in the center of the place. He slept peacefully.

One family brought the questionnaire filled out for Nove. They will contact us again after they discuss keeping him in the house.
The girl from that family held him and he liked it. We hope they will be the one for him☆

Tre was rescued from the same animal hoarder as Nove.

Tre is beautiful and gentle. She was also popular♪
She is curious but timid when somebody puts their hands towards her. On this day, she could walk well in a busy city and was calm when held. She will be able to get used to a new life with a new family quickly.

Tre became more friendly after the adoption event.
Did you learn something from the event?

Here’s an energetic girl, Punkie Anna.

She is big but still a puppy. When she gets excited….we often scream “nooooooo!!” But when her switch turns off and she sleeps…. she is like an angel☆

She barked at herself in the mirror and was held like a koala… She is still an adorable puppy♪

We did not have any offer for her, but we hope she will be adopted during her puppy age!
And she could do her business on a pet sheet☆

From a team small-doggies, first up is Maltese Ange.

Ange barks like a king in his kennel at ARK. But he asked to be held during the event as he was overwhelmed by the crowd.
The most reliable person for Ange that day was…Ms. Oliver.
Ms. Oliver loves big dogs and is rarely seen holding a small dog! This is a rare shot☆

He was like this throughout the event…and no offer.
He seems unfriendly but is a spoiled boy. Let’s hope he finds someone who understands his character!

And last her is Chihuahua Kuromame. Joining an event was already a challenge for him.

He is 7 years old and has a cute face. But no offer so far…..
Is it because of the profile description “When I am in a bad mood, I bite.”???
For him, we prepared special clothes with a note written on it.
“My mood swings and sometimes I bite. When I come to you, please rub me gently. (Please do not touch me when “being held”, “eating” or “sleeping (spending my own time)”.

One guest tried to read the notes closely from above and was snapped at. Despite that, he was calmer than usual. Probably he got tired due to the number of guests.
And people in the city love Chihuahuas. Some said, “No worries, Chihuahuas usually bite.” Thank you for the kind words. We now see him like a city Chihuahua☆

With the former ARK dog, spoiled Chihuahua Akubi-chan.

And Kuromame got an adoption offer!
The adopter has a dog and he is undergoing medical treatment now. After he recovers completely, Kuromame will join the family.
We realized that small dogs are loved by families in town.

It was the first adoption event at MAGATAMA but very successful.
Thank you so much MAGATAMA for letting us use half of the café!
And thank you to the volunteers who were too busy to have a break. We also appreciate all the guests came that day!

MAGATAMA is also kindly having an ARK Charity promotion event.
Please stop by MAGATAMA. The food there is also recommended!

With volunteers and artists.

Dachshund Duff looks for long-term foster family

Wet food for kittens and dry food for adult cats are needed at Osaka ARK☆

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