17th April(Sunday)Information on the George Osaka Gathering for those interested in Adopting

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On the 17th of April (Sunday) a gathering for potential adopters was held in the Osaka branch of George.
As the weather was good, we set up a stall outside the shop for the selling of merchandise.
We had been very kindly given the best position for selling, but were worried about the fact that the shop window was hidden by our stall. We were kindly told by the shop manager, “If I was bothered about something like that I wouldn’t have said it was fine for you to set up there!”
We are very grateful for always being received so kindly.

The jackets with the ark logo on were made for all the staff and were an individual donation from one of our supporters.
Looking after animals our clothes soon become torn and the colour of them fades from the disinfectant we use, meaning we so have to throw them away.
We will really cherish the logoed uniforms that we so kindly received.
Thank you so much!

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The members selected this time were the roommates Jajamaru, Kinoe and Shimeji.

Jajamaru is friendly towards absolutely anyone and interacted well with the other, slightly more shy dogs that had also come to play.
Kinoe played with a lot of customers and looked like she was having a lot of fun. But when you were given your dinner didn’t you get maybe a little over excited Kinoe-chan?!
Shimeji was as always a cool beauty. She doesn’t lavish affection and is somewhat nonchalant, but for some reason there is always a lot of attention surrounding her.

Periwinkle’s adoptive parents were decided before the start.
They cane to ARK the day before and took an interest in Peri, but they returned home unable to decide. However, before someone else chose Peri at the gathering they came immediately to George and continued the adoption discussions.
Peri is very lucky to be adopted by such an enthusiastic family, who decided not to merely phone, but to come all the way to the gathering!
Just need to wait a little bit longer at ARK until the preparations are ready in your new home now Peri-chan!

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Hikaru When he first arrived, he lapped up all his food.
His personality is like that of a dog and he was not in the least afraid when he first arrived at his new environment. He loves attention and when people approach him he purrs loudly.
He becomes excited and plays too much, then suddenly gets tired in the middle and falls asleep, but then his eyes ping open and he purrs with all his might, as if he is trying to make up for the part he missed when sleeping! He demands attention, but is left looking somewhat pitiful.

His time as a kitten was spent as a stray, and due to an aggravated cold the nictitating membrane of his left eye has stuck together, but it doesn’t affect his daily life at all.
Although he really loves people, he is unable to be given all the attention he deserves at ARK and is lonely here. We would really like him to find a happy home quickly.
This time no-one came forward, but we will not give up and keep on waiting until he finds a family.

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There was also a miracle rehoming.
A very kind mum and dad were found for Spice girl.
Although she is very gentle, co-operative, and loving, she has poor eyesight which left her without anyone choosing to foster her.
However, as this time there was an unexpected fight over her, it was clear her destiny had finally come!
We are so glad we took her and were very moved!!

Many people kindly put money into our donation box for the animal victims of the earthquake.
Those wanting to adopt that came, but unfortunately did not find those destined to join their family, there are many other animals waiting at ARK so please come and visit the Nose Shelter.
We are very grateful for the large number of offers of those wishing to act as temporary carers and volunteers for the animals affected by the earthquake.

A massive thank you to all those who came! We want to continue to do our best to help as many animals as we can to have a second chance at life, so please continue your kind support!!

In addition to their usual support, George Japan is also sending dog food to the affected areas.

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