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Thanks to your continued support we have received a large number of applicants wishing to become foster families (those who will take care of animals for the time being) and we are progressing with the matching process.

A foster family for the dog at the left side of the photo, Muffin, was decided this week.
As most of the fosterers already have pets, it is a big problem for compatibility matching.
As Muffin is up for adoption, we will continue to try and find her an adoptive family at events.
Those interested in meeting Muffin please contact us beforehand~♡

CIMG0676.jpg CIMG0331.jpg
On the other side of things, the staff working in Fukushima are carrying out rescues, talking to the victims of the earthquake, and running about busily day after day, but they are unable to help all the animals, and are faced with a pitiful and cruel state of affairs.

The animals rescued from Fukushima are being transported between Tokyo and Fukushima, then from Narita airport to Itami airport via air, and then to ARK, thanks to the cooperation of our volunteers.

As it is a long time for them in the car and aeroplane, going to the airport to meet them was pretty nerve wracking.
In front of the collection point we could hear loud cries, but when we saw happy and healthy dogs inside the carriers we could for the present at least feel relieved.
Those who are not fit do not fly, but are examined in Tanaka Animal Hospital and then taken to Tokyo ARK where suitable foster parents are being searched for.

It is thanks to the kind donations we receive that we were able to transport and move the animals.
Thanks to the help and support that has come in various forms we are able to confidently carry out the rescues!

Many families have also come and adopted animals that have been in the centre since before the earthquake.
If one more enclosure is emptied, we can save one more life.
We really, really are most grateful.

*For information on the earthquake and lost animals, as well as information on becoming a foster family, please refer to “ARK News” on the ARK homepage.

(Last of all, one thing from K.K)
My heart is warmed by all your kind support.
Whether it is negative or positive we sincerely take on board your most valuable opinions, and will continue to do our best from now on!!!、

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