Foster’s diary, Ko-chan

There is no shelter for Tokyo ARK. Rescued animals stay with foster families.
Today’s report is from the foster family of Ko-chan. He is one of the kittens rescued from a temple.

★December 2nd “Ko-chan”
Nice to meet you, Ko-chan. I’ve heard you are a cautious little kitty…
After he arrived, he spent about 2 hours under the bed. Then he moved to the top shelf in the bathroom and never moved. I started to worry and tried to pick him up with a towel but failed.
Never moved… like a rock on top of the shelf.

But later, he started searching the room and used the litter box!!!
He still can’t eat. I am hoping he’ll sneak some food while I am asleep.
I hope we can be friends… little by little.

★December 7th
It’s been 5 days and he is getting used to life here.

When I rub his neck, he purrs.
When I watch TV, he comes and sleeps by my side.


At night, after the light is turned off, he starts running around. But he gets bored pretty soon as he does not have any company.

Interesting thing is… he stands on his rear legs while holding a toy. I want to take a picture of him hopping, but it is not easy...

He has been showing his character and is becoming more active day by day. It is fun to see him changing.


★December 9th
It has been a week since Ko-chan came here.
He doesn’t escape when I approach him anymore. He even comes to me now.
Whenever we are together, he sleeps on my feet.

My cat-lover friend visited Ko-chan today. But he is still timid to strangers.
He hid himself under the bed in the beginning. One hour later, he showed up though.
But he didn’t let my friend touch him. Only a week has passed. Maybe he will greet guests in another week or so…
After my friend left, he relaxed and began running around again;-)


★January 5th
He was fostered by another family for a week during the winter holidays.
He seems to remember our house and relaxes without hiding anymore.
I hope his bite behavior is gone…

On my lap

★January 15th
When Ko was rescued he was tiny and skinny.

But now, he is not tiny anymore and he has filled out.
He is no longer as timid and he is becoming spoiled!

He is always on my lap or on my feet these days.
When I sit down, he comes to me and never gets off me.
He is always around my feet and even comes with me to the bathroom!
How did you become such a “super spoiled boy” like this??
But he does not come out if somebody else is in the room. I hope he will be friendly to everybody. Finally his bite behavior is decreasing a little.

★February 5th
He does not bite hard, but his play-bite continues.

He was on my lap or feet all the time before. But his recent behavior is to climb up on me and relax. His face is always just next to my face. He is on my body until I force him to get off.
I never imagined a super shy cat would change like this.
But when I sleep on the bed he does not care. He likes to sleep on the hot carpet by himself.

He seems to be maturing a bit and is calmer lately.
Sitting “in” a slipper…

Feeling the breeze from the window on a warm day.

Relaxing on a low chair

★February 19th
Every cat loves this trash bin!!

★February 19th
He finally got used to strangers.
Another friend visited me and he came to see us. In the end, he let her touch him.
When my friend visited him again, he completely relaxed and didn’t go hide. Maybe he remembered her.

I was so happy to see him relaxed when others are in the room. This is such a change since I started fostering him.

Thanks to foster families, we can see a shy cat/dog can get used to new people♪ Thank you so much!

Ko chan is FIV positive. But look how active he is!
We have several cats that are FIV positive and over 10 years old in ARK.
FIV positive does not sound wonderful, but we hope people consider it as part of the cat’s character…

Tokyo ARK is looking for new foster families!
Would you like to start “Fostering"?

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