The rehoming of Snow White and the Canine Victims of the Earthquake Living at ARK

A while ago we introduced the story of “Snow white and her Five Puppies”, do you remember the mother Snow White?
She too had her heart’s desire fulfilled and finally found a family!

She was very nervous in her new home and was a little afraid of noise, but she seemed to be really interested in the garden which she looked out at it from a big window. She also followed around her new mother and investigated the rooms.
It seemed she knew who she would be relying on from now.
It was the first time for Snow-chan to be living inside a house and she had definitely seen nothing like television before!

When she first came to ARK, it was clear from her long and misshapen nails, her rusty chain, and a body so dirty that it couldn’t possibly get any dirtier, that she had spent her whole life living chained up outside.
Although she was terribly thin, her stomach alone was swollen from Ascites (an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the abdomen). Despite this, she was still doing her best for her children.
Even if she got through the treatment, there were still the problems of her age, Filariasis (a parasitic disease), and her shy personality. It seemed she wouldn’t be adopted.

However, in spite of those obstacles Snow-chan was finally able to meet with a family that surround her with a deep and gentle affection.
Perhaps everything that has happened was in preparation for such a final meeting.

20110427d.jpg 20110427c.jpg
Foster parents and temporary carers are being chosen one after the other for the dogs that suffered the Great Tohoku Earthquake.
Today the Chihuahua Choccy was welcomed into a new home.
There was magazine coverage and many people surrounding him taking photos, and although he was very nervous and uneasy, it was a very happy first step for him!
He promises to do his best in his new home!

The victims of the earthquake still remaining in ARK are continuing to fight on!
Although there are those who have been returned to their owners, for the most part they have still not yet been able to return.

So that they do not become lonely or uneasy, and to make them feel happy and confident, we have been making sure to give them plenty of loving care by speaking to them, petting them, taking them for walks, and playing with them.
As there is not enough of the staff to go around, the volunteers really play a massive part in helping.

Until the day when they can return to their families, we will take the responsibility of caring for them, alongside those who are also kindly supporting us.

The intake of the animals who suffered from the earthquake is going to continue, and it will be hard facing the harsh reality that we will be unable to save all of them, but we want to do the very best that we can for those that we are able to take in.

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